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writing for godot

To Charles and David

Written by Carl Peterson   
Thursday, 15 June 2017 11:12


With thanks to Jane Mayer for her wonderful book Dark Money


To Charles and David

Why, when you have nearly $50 billion and your brother has nearly $50 billion

and when you two, considered as one: four legs, four arms, eight eyes, 20 fingers, 20 toes--two heads, two mouths

are the wealthiest creature in the world,

would you be outraged at the injustice of our system?

Why? Why? Why?

Do you see deeper?  Or do you see right through something into nothing?


Aye, the system is unjust and unbalanced

that allots $100 billion to two,

not just to you, but to any two, any two,

but your given reasons for finding it so, to put it politely

will never make sense to a healthy mind.

Perhaps, my fellow human, your mind has been poisoned by your wealth,

an overdose.  It happens you know.


Human, naked and limited by nature, acquires mountain of wealth, dwarfing human scale.

What he sought from the beginning, before all, and above all, he has it, but

now it is so big, he can't understand it, cannot relate to it,

and it is useless where it is.  Useless, and dangerous

as nuclear weapons.

Such a monstrous relationship should never be!

But it must be!  You've come this far,

You've come this far, it must be.


But you have felt as clearly as anyone

that once climbed, such a mountain is useless to one, or two, or a few.

Useless ...

but for the commanding power

in the cash nexus.

Useless but for the irresistible claim it makes on human beings in society.


Your ideology claims that humans have no claim

on one another, but individually possess isolated, sanctified Liberty.

Liberty to do as they please, even poison the air, earth, water

... employees.

And the State's only role is to protect those standing atop the mountain

from humanity,

while atop the mountain you exercise your sanctified Liberty.


Jejune ideology!

worthy of you perhaps, Oh, eight-limbed monster,

but not worthy of humanity.


Your ideology insists

that the State has no claim on humans,

except as necessary to protect them from one another,

protect them that is from the kind of crimes that regular people commit,

not the crimes committed from the mountaintop.

It is a strange, misshapen and for you

convenient ideology, yes?


Strange that you abhor the notion that in society

humans retain natural, mutual claims on one another.

Yet you delight in the inexorable claim of the cash nexus

that unknown in nature

operates only in society.

Why do you despise your membership in the species of billions?

Is it because you have more cash?

to come out on the lucky--or is it unlucky?

end of the deal?


Yours is an appropriate ideology for a selfish billionaire,

tiny compared to his mountain, and his species.

Driven by a pitiable lust for dominance,

ignorant of his absolute dependence

on his fellow human beings.

Indeed, is there any creature on Earth

more dependent than a billionaire?

Yet you claim sanctified independence!


Jejune ideology.

Appropriate, but not so good for the purpose you bought it for,

which is to dress up and disguise your motivations.

No one is fooled.

Except perhaps you, and those who sold it to you.


Beware, Oh goggle-eyed monster.

If the people you long to touch,

but know only through dominance,

ever come with the torches and pitchforks

they won't care about your silly ideology. your social media marketing partner


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0 # LionMousePudding 2017-06-20 03:17
Very nice!

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