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writing for godot

Patriots and their Enemies

Written by John Glassco   
Monday, 05 June 2017 12:15

I have a friend who implies that people who oppose his conservative point-of-view are unpatriotic - this is an old ploy. By claiming the only moral high ground, rather than showing any respect for an opponent's position, two important American principles are being dismissed:

First, ours is a two party system. To perpetually characterize your opponents as weak, misinformed, and corrupt is to focus on personal attacks rather than entering a discourse over any issue.

Secondly, the Constitution guarantees the cherished right of dissent. This is not a dangerous principle. However, like freedom of the press, and the separation of church and state, many of the politically passionate on the right would like to sweep these things away. This type of talk, and the attitude that the press is the ENEMY of the people are new arguments to my ears, and not helping to make our country any greater. This is why many people find discussing politics with certain conservatives to be divisive, unhelpful, and not worth the effort.

When I hear someone crowing about their patriotism, I put about as much faith in what follows as I do when someone ends their sentence with the phrase "trust me." your social media marketing partner

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