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writing for godot

I've Been Watching How the Ol' Cookie Crumbles

Written by Philip Kraske   
Friday, 28 April 2017 20:33

I've been watching the Republicans search
If not for their soul at least for a church,
Where they can all pray and left-part their hair,
And gossip with joy about Don who ain't there,
And watch how he struggles as in he gets reeled,
Views on Russia, Syria and Nato repealed.


Been thinking of views as the French make their choice 
Between a young minister and Madame Rolls-Royce, 
Who squawks he wants not belle France to be first, 
But stuffed with transients and Berlin till it's burst, 
Which neat says it all about My-Country-Firsters: 
Suckers for slogans, true brain-liverwursters.

Suckers are the Dems, now less party than part: 
Of the guy on the bus who let out a fart, 
And everyone knows and in word excuses, 
But would like to whack and yell him abuses, 
Like "How on earth could you blow that elec'? 
To Hillary you caved and created this wreck!"

Been watching more caves-in before the Deep State; 
Just ask the reporters who pushed RussiaGate, 
Which slunk away sudden without laugh or tear, 
The moment Trump launched those missiles at Syr', 
Afraid MSM says Assad makes him quail, 
Which proves even Don curves-of-learning can scale,

Been watching too as the Koreans scale quests, 
And wondering but why of all hornets' nests, 
They need to kick this one and make adults mad, 
But maybe they're right: a nuke makes them bad, 
And staves off Deep-State-types who flourish Big Macs, 
And love turning countries into big fat Iraqs.

Been watching Iraq-types turn jihad hot shots, 
Grab a few pistols and squeeze off pot shots 
At cops and geezers in the name of the Proph', 
Which done for money would be called a rip-off, 
But serve to make interventions all right, 
And smiley arms-makers to sleep a good night.

I've been watching the ol' cookie crumble, 
And feeling the thunder of destiny rumble 
Over terrorists, pols, sad loonies and Trumps, 
Who pulling together make history's speed-bumps, 
Sped over blithely by the mighty Deep State, 
Who'll crash, burn and ask us to pay all the freight. your social media marketing partner


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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

0 # Wise woman 2017-05-03 11:03
Excellent! Love your not so satirical poem. Rhymes and Reasons always resonated with me.

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