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The Fail Of The Electoral College: A Tyrant Is Now Our 45th President.

Written by B.T. Hill   
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 00:07

I had some hope there would be a miracle, that the process of the Electoral College would recognize that it is their duty not to let a tyrant, a despot become president. They failed.

I’d hoped that they’d nix the ascension of a politically and Constitutionally ignorant man to the office of president.  It didn’t happen.

I thought they would recognize that to date, this man has defiantly flaunted protocol & foreign policy since his election. They didn't.

I'd hoped that they'd recognize that, despite his con of those who voted for him, promising to be "the people's president," it's obvious that Donald Trump doesn't give a rat's ass for this country by his selection of administration: millionaires, billionaires and corporate-friendly. Those he's selected have, in the past, been openly contrary to the agency they are supposed to lead or are totally ignorant of the area to which they've been chosen. His only interest here is to give the rich and corporate America, HIS people, this country while the rest of us are strangled.

I also hoped they'd recognize the myriad of conflicts of interest, ways that this man, our "supposed" president, will continue to be enriched by his worldwide foreign real estate projects or investments. They overlooked it.

I had prayed that they would recognize that this horrible, vindictive, narcissistic, emotionally immature, volatile, thinned-skinned man is NOT mentally fit to lead this nation and is in fact, a danger to our country and the entire world. No, they didn't.

The only hope we have is that in the investigation of the Russian influence, he will be found complicit.

We can only hope that somehow - if our government has balls enough - to force him to completely divest himself from his company.

We must hope, too, that the process does not allow him to ensconce his family (nepotism) in his administration.

In all the checks and balances of our government, there must be some way to right this listing ship.

This is a nightmare scenario because we now have a reality show clown, a tyrant, a mentally unstable man as our president, who, rather than receiving daily intelligence briefings, feels it's more important to meet with the likes of Kanye West. He prefers to be off on "Thank You Tours," reliving the glory and adulation of the campaign, (feeding his fragile ego) instead of acting "presidential."  He thinks it's OK for a president to rant on Twitter, attacking and insulting anyone who speaks out against him.

He thinks this is a game. It's not. He thinks he can do what he wants. He can't. He's gambling with billions of lives.

This administration will undo all the progress made which helped the American people over decades, all the beneficial programs. They will gut and stomp the average person into the ground, allow corporations to run rampant because they can.

The Electoral College has just handed the presidency to a tyrant. your social media marketing partner


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0 # James38 2017-01-13 21:38
"The only hope we have is that in the investigation of the Russian influence, he will be found complicit."

There may be another hope. It might work to stop the inauguration. I have posted this a few times, and nobody has faulted the logic.

For a detailed discussion see comments by James38 at:

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