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writing for godot


Written by DuaneV   
Tuesday, 22 November 2016 10:33

The DNC needed a wakeup call. Losing the House didn't do it. The Senate? That didn't do it either. Now the Democrats have lost the White House and Supreme Court. Harry Reid told firebreathing Progressive Alan Grayson, "I want you to lose". Nancy Pelosi said "Elizabeth Warren Doesn't represent the Democratic Party". Hillary Clinton said, "Criticism of Wall Street is Foolish".

After 25 years of "Sister Souljah", and "Triangulation", it is about time the Democrats realized they are absolutely worthless as a party if they refuse to stand up for progressive Populism. I wonder how Good Old "Give 'Em Head" Harry feels about losing the Senate? We need two corporate dominated parties like we need a double tap to the base of the skull, but the Democrats seemed hell bent on doubling down on Stupid. Despite Bernie Sanders, The Occupy Movement, and Liz Warren's popularity, they chose to collaborate in undermining and sabotaging Sanders' campaign, while embracing Wall Street, and TPP, and jamming Hillary Clinton down the throats of Democratic Party voters. Any fool could see that Hillary Clinton was nowhere near Bernie Sanders in terms of sheer popularity, her poll numbers show that stark contrast, but this didn't matter to people like Reid and Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Barack Obama, and John Podesta and James Carville and Rahm Emanuel, and Harold Ford, etc., who seem to have nothing but contempt for the progressive base of their own party. If you'd rather lose as a neoliberal corporatist than win as a progressive, you'll lose all right. I wish they would stop whining about it while attempting to blame the victims of their own stupidity and corruption. They only have themselves to blame. You reap what you sow., and the Democratic party leadership, in triangulating against its own base while embracing Wall Street banksters, has sown the seeds of division within the Democratic Party.

You'd think the party "intelligentsia" would have learned something after losing the House and Senate, but Nope. I hope for the country's sake they'll learn something from losing the White House and Supreme Court. Judging from some of the comments I'm hearing from bitter Democrats, too many are doubling down on stupid. How many more races do the Democrats have to lose before they figure out that this is not 1992, and no Democrat or Progressive worthy of the names wants a GOP lite party to compliment the psycho fascists now running the GOP? As Sanders showed, this party is crying out for a progressive populist party. Some have said the Democrats would rue the day they ceded populism to the GOP and Donald Drumpf.

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