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writing for godot

Hey Democratic Party: Stop Doubling Down on Stupid; Take Responsibility for Once

Written by DuaneV   
Monday, 21 November 2016 15:24

I've completely lost patience with the progressives and Liberal Democrats running around with their hair on fire screaming about Donald Trump's presidency, proclaiming this the "end of the world". These people have been running around in hysterics ever since they were programmed to do so by MSNBC, CNN and the DNC, as a way of inducing gullible Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton out of blind fear. If not for their cowardice, Bernie Sanders would now be president.
No one listened when progressive Sanders supporters (who became Jill Stein supporters) told these "progressives" and Democrats supporting Hillary that her history of warmongering and neo liberal economic policies, including deregulation and servility to Wall Street, made her an unacceptable candidate and that their fear was being used to manipulate them into voting for the "lesser" evil. Instead they accepted the lies they were fed by the Hillary Clinton Campaign through a compliant corporate sponsored and owned media. Rather than paying any attention to the fact that the promotion of the GOP's "pied pipers" was the DNC's plan to manipulate them as revealed by Julian Assange and Wikileaks, they unthinkingly allowed themselves to be manipulated. They didn't want to hear anything about DNC collusion with the corporate media in manipulating them for the sake of electing someone many Clinton supporters themselves acknowledge is a "lesser evil", although the sheer mendacious, Machiavellian nature of the candidate herself and the fact of her cheating belies the idea that she is or ever was "the lesser", and not a greater evil.
Democrats and progressives, even some Bernie Supporters, turned a blind eye to the greater evil that rigged the primaries with the help of the media and corporate "news" outlets, spewing anti Trump propaganda while ignoring every indication that blatant cheating was taking place in the primaries, instead rationalizing their unconditional support for a cheater as"pragmatic". They chose to support a candidate who had no chance of winning the general election, out of fear of her opponent, when this fear was completely engineered. No one was frightened of Drumpf when he was hosting "The Apprentice". Polls showed Bernie Sanders defeating Trump by a wide margin, but these "pragmatic" progressives chose to support Hillary. If only these self proclaimed progressives and Democrats had the courage of their convictions, Bernie Sanders would right now be President Elect.
Jill Stein said it best; their constant craven capitulation to the "lesser evil" and the subsequent rationalization of their cowardice, has done nothing but bring us exactly the evil they were allegedly trying to prevent. Thanks to these Democrats and progressive cowards, we now have President Elect Trump. The most frustrating aspect of this tragic course of events is the fact that these "progressives" and "Democrats" were repeatedly warned even as they lost the House, the Senate and now the presidency, of the dangers of supporting the "lesser" evil. The evidence implicating Clinton and the DNC was ignored. The warnings by progressives who were paying attention, were ignored. Fear and cowardice disguised as "pragmatism" won the day, lost the general election, and handed the presidency to Donald Trump, and now the very same pig headed frightened "progressive" Democrats who ignored the lessons of the last several midterm elections, are looking to blame everyone but themselves for their own lack of conviction.
It's Comey's fault. It's Assange's fault. it is Russian Hackers' fault. It is the "Bernie Bros" fault. It is Jill Stein's fault. It is Gary Johnson's fault. It is the Obama Coalition's fault. It is Millenials' fault.
We are to believe it is everyone's fault except for DNC leadership and the Clinton campaign, who used fear to motivate voters to support their candidate. They ignored the Wikileaks revelations, instead opting to demonize Assange, blame Russia, and censor anyone daring to mention the e mails. Media silence on the content of the Podesta E mails, as well as Clinton supporters' bullying of anyone mentioning them, makes them complicit in the DNC's theft of the primary. Even as the DNC collaborated with the Clinton Campaign and the corporate media to jam Hillary Clinton, the weaker candidate, down our throats, the vast majority of progressives and Democrats preferred Bernie Sanders. But it is not just the DNC, Clinton Campaign and Hillary's mindless cult of followers that are to blame for the Trump Presidency, It is the fault of progressive media figures who bit their tongues while engaging in the same demonization of Drumpf the Corporate media was willfully engaging in at the behest of the Clinton Campaign, even as they willfully ignored the fact that the DNC and Clinton Campaign actively sabotaged Sanders while conspiring with corporate media outlets. They provided the DNC with their tacit consent, and approval to double down on stupid. The progressive media's relentless demonization of Trump actually inspired the worst racist elements in society to actually gravitate toward his campaign in the belief that they'd found in him a kindred spirit.
The Corporate Media actively engaged in spewing pro Clinton propaganda with the campaign's active cooperation. What was the "alternative, progressive" Media's excuse? Sheer cowardice? Stupidity? While corporate media talking heads Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O 'Donnell were just following Clinton Campaign Contributor Comcast's orders, and CNN's newsreader shills followed Time Warner's, the allegedly progressive alternative media, people like Thom Hartmann, David Pakman and Stephanie Miller gave in to their blind unreasoning fear and cynicism even as Clinton and the DNC rigged the primaries. Even as their viewers and listeners implored them to examine the evidence of collusion on the part of the DNC, Clinton and the corporate media, in rigging the primaries these "stalwart progressives" and a few other representatives of the progressive "alternative" media chose to remain silent. Their silence on the Wikileaks revelations enabled the DNC's theft, and undermined the Sanders campaign. When James Comey announced he was re opening the FBI investigation into the e mails, partially because of the revelations released by Wikileaks, these media propagandists truly lost their minds, howling like wounded animals. It is also their fault that Clinton and the DNC were allowed to rig the primary process against the better candidate. They also decided to promote Clinton, opting to parrot the DNC and corporate media's anti Trump fearmongering, while ignoring corrupt Clinton Campaign collusion with the DNC and Mainstream Corporate Media .
Angry voters from coast to coast were inspired to run to the polls and hand Donald Trump their votes secure in the knowledge that the entire Beltway Establishment, and the propaganda mouthpiece the entire media had become, would be horrified.
Nice Job, cowards. your social media marketing partner


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+1 # Totusek 2016-12-08 09:37

Unfortunately, I doubt the neo-liberals (most of whom are long allied with the neo-conservativ es - regardless of their speeches...) running the Democratic Party and/or their U.S. corporate media pundits, will change anything they are doing or saying.

The actual realities that you are so clearly pointing out, may get no more attention from them, than say my Writing for Godot article "People are scared of Trump and of Clinton" [ ] did.

- Totusek

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