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Strategic Voters, It's Time to Organize

Written by Richard Kane   
Saturday, 22 October 2016 03:17

Some has suggested that strategic voters in battleground states vote for Hillary otherwise third party. Donald Trump has only 30% in California, less in New Jersey, and Vermont with only 17%. Instead of yawning in Vermont on election day, Vermont voters could try to make Jill and Gary get more votes than Donald Trump in Vermont. This would tend to get better candidates to win local offices.


There is also the possibility of an election eve terror attack where an electoral college deadlock could stop Donald Trump, more on this later.


Strategic voting could also greatly improve Hillary's Presidency. She has 19% in Wyoming a little more in Nebraska, third comes Idaho with 30% where Trump is ahead with only 40%. If she would support Gary in Utah asking Libertarians to support her in Idaho Trump wouldn't win Idaho. Hawaii is the only state where Jill is third ahead of Gary. Trump has 25% in Hawaii. Gary could ask Libertarians in Hawaii to support Jill and ask Greens elsewhere to support Gary.


Whoever wins, most predict a contentious somewhat destructive next four years. However, instead something amazing might happen that I have yet to see mentioned, If there is an election deadlock with no candidate getting 270 Electoral Votes partly due to Gary winning Utah and South Dakota so far South Dakota is 19% Gary, Trump will never win the House vote with so many Republican insiders hating him. But as a bonus Republican hawks instead of badmouthing Hillary will choose her creating a harmonious next four years. If somehow Democratic doves pick Gary, his next four years will be too busy on foreign policy to cut entitlements much. If Democratic Hillary voters will switch to Jill to force Republican hawks to support Hillary it will be an ideal next four years for her.


A, so far, more likely scenario would be Mormon activist Evan McMullin winning Mormon Utah. So far he is tied with Hillary there with 25 %. Then in an Electoral College deadlock Evan would be President even if Gary wins Utah and South Dakota to tie Evan with six Electoral votes, more reason for Hillary enthusiasts and peace activists alike to vote for Gary or Jill.


If instead she wins a Nixon landslide the next four years will be bitter conflicts between Democrats and Republicans.


A likely way for Trump to win would be an Election morn huge terror attack. Again strategic voters could throw the Election into the House instead. The Saudi King is disappointed that mortals within his reach aren't bowing to God and God's messenger like in the 10th century. ISIS and al Qaeda are determined to give Muslims their pride back, and have reason to believe that Trump might force moderate Muslims to become much more militant. An election eve terror attack is well worth preparing for.


There is no such thing as a stable three party system any more than a three legged man or animal. Both the Greens and Libertarians must show strength this election in order to be in the running next time. Again it would be prudent for Gary to ask Libertarians in Hawaii to vote for Jill instead of himself.



Now for the Senate races. In the past fine great Republicans such as Elizabeth Snow and Lincoln Chafee were willing to compromise with Democrats, but lost in part because of the Democratic machine. Today both Donald Trump and the Democratic machine are ganging up against John McCain, the Civil Libertarian conscience in the Senate. It is urgent that he win, especially if an Election Eve terror attack makes Donald Trump President.


Let's make the Donald Trump attack an opportunity instead.


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0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2016-10-23 01:43
This article is clearer at, layout better at,

For updates see,
click third party box
-1 # joejoe 2016-10-23 22:13
This website censors you - despite what it says above. I noted that Marc (person who operates the blog) tends to post pro Hillary material and almost never discusses Jill Stein. The slant is definitely biased. On occasion I would post something like "Never Hillary and Never Trump." with a explanation as to why. I would also ask that people not donate to Marc as he is biased and probably gets donations from the DNC in any case. I think the worst word I used was "crap." I did not insult anyone. All my posts were removed. I never got into any heated exchange with anyone on this site. My handle was jomo1. I call this censorship. I did not post often, no trolling at all. I though you should know. I suspect this will be pulled shortly as well.

p.s. I am now noticing that it seems like other anti-Clinton commentary has been removed as well. Shame on you Marc.
-1 # LionMousePudding 2016-10-24 01:15
Just cleaning up troll crap.

How dare you tell people not to fund this site! If these articles are worth nothing to you then get the heck out and never read them again. Certainly don't comment.

You have a sense of entitlement which says you may use a service for free and then cause it damage because there are some articles you don't like and others you don't see. It is disgusting.

Marc Ash owes you NOTHING. He does not owe you the articles you want. He puts out this incredible news site that I guarantee you are happily reading about other topics but hey, you deserve those for free because the rest of the articles aren't exactly what you want.

You disgust me. Telling people not to donate to something so important.

Who SHOULD pay? Or is your actual goal to make RSN disappear because it wasn't perfect?

You don't deserve this. I hope I never see your name again.

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