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A Critical Finding of The Nuremberg Trials Presages Worldwide Disaster Looming Over U.S. 2016 Elections

Written by George Monroe   
Sunday, 19 June 2016 00:49

During a visit to Germany during the summer of 2012, I was amazed at how a vibrant and forward looking German society was incorporating realistic information about the Nazi Era in all manner of artifacts, exhibits, museum programs, and school curricula. These media were designed to critically examine what happened, how it happened, and the terrible results. The stated aim was to share the unvarnished truth, especially with young people who would soon become stewards of the German Nation. The hope was to raise their level of awareness so that they would be able to guard against ever again allowing such a horrific takeover of their beloved country.

Throughout the lectures by museum guides and the media accounts of the Nuremberg Trials, I was held spellbound by descriptions of the evils that the Nazi regime had perpetrated on German society and the world. Included in the presentation of documented facts was a session on things that were learned from the Trials. The most important finding cited was that big German corporations were complicit in bringing Hitler to power. Lured by visions of great profits to be made by the confiscation of properties, slave labor, and the very little expense for the subsistence maintenance of workers, already rich corporations like Krupps and Siemens had actually aided and supported the hellish Nazi Regime. At the time, I was somewhat able to reconcile this damning revelation with the positive understanding that they were stopped, exposed, made to pay reparations, and that steps were taken to make certain that such terrible crimes would never be repeated.
However, two recently published books by very courageous authors have laid bare previously hidden or suppressed information about American corporations that offers grounds for deep concern. Clair Conner’s Wrapped in the Flag: A Personal History of America’s Radical Right provides an insider’s contrite accounting of the John Birch Society, the Koch family, and other corporate allies that have been quietly at work for more than 50 years to incrementally steal control of the U.S. government in order to create economic monopolies for their exclusive benefit. Edwin Black’s Nazi Nexus: America’s Corporate Connections to Hitler’s Holocaust exposes and documents how, just like their German counterparts, American corporations like Ford, GM, IBM, Coca-Cola, The Carnegie Institution, and The Rockefeller Foundation surreptitiously aided and abetted the Nazis in order to gain illicit profits.

Those corporations are still around and doing plenty of business as usual. Their exclusive interest in doing whatever it takes to generate ever more profits for their shareholders predisposes them to support almost anyone for U.S. President who would afford them unrestricted power and control, even Donald Trump. The ugly elements of such a takeover are now in place, well organized, and largely hidden from view.

Hitler captured the attention of corporate leaders by engaging in crass oratory and spouting bold promises to make Germany great again. He skillfully exploited the pain and desperation felt by certain portions of the population to gain their emotional support. His boisterous public rallies were managed by angry thugs who used violent means to silence or remove protestors. The captains of big German corporations noticed his political prowess. They decided they could buy him enough power to take control of their ailing nation and then leverage their influence with him to develop an invincible Third Reich with great opportunities to gain the profits and power they wanted. His rise to exorbitant power was then greatly accelerated by operating a ministry of propaganda that bombarded the German people with lies, distortions, and hateful rhetoric designed to keep them ignorant and compliant.

Trump seems to be following many aspects of Hitler’s playbook. He publically calls people derogatory names and demeans those of ethnic difference. He is followed and protected at public meetings by angry thugs who often resort to violence. At the same time, Americans are bombarded with lies, distortions, and hateful rhetoric by employees of the pervasive media giant, Fox News. Profit driven corporate entities seeking freedom from regulation have lined up extensive cash resources and the services of a wide range of paid-off office holders, all waiting to be deployed on cue. Although his approval ratings with the majority of Americans are so low that they soundly dispute his winning the Presidency, Trump blusters on as if he is assured he will claim the office anyway.

Under these circumstances, the looming potential disaster is that the same amoral corporations that aided the Nazis and unwittingly helped to start World War II might collaborate to steal the U.S. 2016 election and install “The Donald” as their man in the White House. Repercussions of such a move could ignite a violent revolution that will spread around the world. your social media marketing partner


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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

+4 # Dred Pierce 2016-07-05 01:22
This article seems to not understand that we don't need Nazis this time, we have the Neoliberals who have already put all their ducks in a row. To focus on Trump is to ignore the already greater threat posed by Obama, Clinton and the TPP. The TPP is the WET DREAM of every fascist corporatist. Clinton and Obama and their shills are the FASCIST PIGS. Trump may actually prevent WWIII as he 'likes' Putin. This world is so nuts.
0 # CelticNavigator 2016-08-03 06:28
Great article, George. You might know that many American corporations and banks funded the Nazi party and German war machine as well; some via German corps and some directly. International corps like Krupps cross borders as easily as kangaroos clearing a 4-foot fence, my friend. Between 1920 (rise of Unions) and 1941 (Pearl Harbor), American media routinely used the terms 'corporatism' and 'fascism' interchangeably . Corps were 'zeros' when they hired thugs to beat and kill striking American workers; then when they ramped up production to defeat the very enemies they created, they were suddenly considered 'heroes.'

Niccolo Machiavelli: "If a prince or nation that wishes to become great does not have an enemy, then it must CREATE one." War and preparation for war is the most profitable enterprise of man. Our corps and banks made money helping to create Hitler and Mussolini and then made much more money destroying them, tho it must be said that the Soviet Army actually defeated 80% of German Army divisions.

Re today's American corporatism/fas cism, Karl Rove -architect of the Neo-Conservativ e movement - treats himself to a re-reading of Machiavelli's "The Prince" every year on his birthday!

Here is a Godot article on the subject of World War Two I wrote last year. Click on my photo if link isn't active:

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