Bernie for Vice President, Insist on It!

Written by Richard Kane   
Sunday, 17 April 2016 17:16
Bernie as a VP candidate would help keep new voters involved. However, if Hillary asks for Bernie as VP, defense contractors would start mistrusting Hillary, but not if some enthusiastic voter and delegates clamored for Bernie as VP. In Pennsylvania voters select their Presidential choice plus delegates from their Congressional District. If at least one Hillary or Bernie delegate in one's District praises the idea of pushing for a Bernie VP, let's split our vote toward those who admire the idea of a Bernie VP. In 1980 Ed Rendell, who is also a super-delegate today, received 28 votes for Vice President.

Running against Bernie makes Hillary a better. more progressive candidate. Even if she ends up backing trade agreements, she will be less pushy with a VP who contradicts her

Hillary never calls Bernie's ideas dangerous, or bad for business, or a threat to Defense jobs, thus endangering the economy. She just accuses him of being “pie in the sky.” Nader and significant progressive third party candidates endured. Thank you Bernie for a better Hillary and thank you Hillary for not discrediting Bernie's goals.

If in part due to Hillary's unwitting help Bernie gets the Presidential spot then picks Elizabeth Warren VP he will face more hysteria then Nader did, or any third party progressive candidate with clout. Socialist Eugene Debs ran for President from a prison cell. However. with a Hillary-ite, Obama-ite as Bernie's VP I think he could still win against Trump even more than could Hillary by herself, Since Americans now like glamor Michelle Obama a perfect VP for Bernie. Oprah would be perfect for both Hillary and Bernie. Infatuation with glamor engulfs the entire spectrum of Americana. President JFK and his glamorous wife inspired decades of longing for Camelot. The heroic glamor of actor, football star, activist Paul Robeson was erased for awhile from our history books by the Joe McCarthy witch-hunts.

Trump is a chameleon, not a fascist, he was articulate and emphatic in the 1970 Reform Party race against Pat Buchanan’s dividing and polarizing people. In NY he is suddenly more liberal than Cruz. For even-handedness in the Middle East. then spoke hysterically against Iran at the AIPAC Convention. Fined for hiring illegals, as soon as he needs immigrant new American votes he will discover al Qaeda is killing translators, and we need more, and that if illegals got their minimum back wages, and hospital bills that Medicare should have paid, as well as transportation back, with employers forced to pay for it, the Hispanic vote would become mixed. A likely Trump-Carson ticket would stop blacks from being terrified of him. Established Democratic leaders and radical reformers need to work together to stop Trump.

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