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The real story of Barack Obama

Written by Richard Kane   
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 12:55
Obama first ran for office claiming that he would get Americans together to compromise with each other. The 10% of 1% or ruling class especially liked that his presence was stopping black riots, even anger among Hispanics as conditions for the very poor continued to decline.

Unfortunately for the rich, as people argued less about Hot Button issues, ordinary people realized that they were the 99%.

The rich were furious at Obama for allowing people to feel they were the 99%, and began hurling hot button issues at him.

Finally Obama gave in and began giving out contraceptives and cornering the Catholic Church on employment benefits, and pushed gay marriage.

Since the rich now supported him, for discombobulating Occupy Wall Street solidarity with hot button issues, he won by a landslide.

Since immigration was part of the landslide, that issue was placed on the conservative part of the hot button issue divide and since the black and Hispanic population will go up in the future, they stopped fighting as much, feeling it was hopeless.

When one group wins the cultural war we can all stop fighting, and thus people can start feeling they are the 99% again.

Suddenly an elementary school massacre came to the rescue of the 1 10th of 1%. Suddenly the Conservative side of the hot button issues had a new issue and new recruits. And are energized to start fighting again. Adam Lanza brought four of his mothers guns to that school. He found a small gun very handy for killing the children in that classroom, which was misreported. It all adds up to suddenly we are no longer the 99% . No matter which side we argue the super rich win. Those who want cuts in military spending, 11 Democrats and 11 Libertarian Republican signed a joint letter for Defense cuts. Suddenly the massacre happened and their unity evaporated. One side a zero NRA rating and the other either 92 or 100% with two in-betweens.

I never owned a gun and never wanted one. At one point got infatuated with superglue and Spider-man’s spider web defenses. My hope is for, if not this, then concussion grenades to knock suicidal maniacs unconscious and not die and thus rain on their fantasies.

Very few people are killed in America by small guns. Since prisoner on prisoner crime isn’t usually reported putting the poor in jail for pot or for a mother not reporting that her boyfriend took her gun or ordered her to buy one if her children wanted bread. The result being that children are raised without parents.

Crack kill, but I want to legalize it to dis-empower organized crime and in this gun happy country guns being made legal would have the same effect, of lessening organized crime.

But more than that I want us to stop arguing about them and thus remember we are the 99%.

I have suggestions to slow down gun deaths by pushing for them to be kept in fingerprint locking boxes. As long as there is such a thing as an illegal gun, criminals could be charged with a much smaller crime if the gun with them was kept in a fingerprint locked gun box. Since rank armatures are the most trigger happen those people would have more trouble getting a gun.

Anyway at the Daily Paul gun section when I posted a complete article on this subject, similar to here, the members want to argue not find solutions,

Enclosed if what I posted there. Let’s find a way to solve our real problems rather than being puppets on a string arguing Hot Button issues.

Any comments even criticism I would appreciate posted on both blogs, your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2013-01-02 07:59
Rick Santorum was my Senator who I watched closely. He was pretended to be trying to become President while he discombobulated Occupy Wall Street. Actually urged liberals to vote for him so the Republicans would have a poor candidate,

PS he was also running to stop Newt Gingrich and be rewarded by becoming a millionaire for a job well done.

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