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Recent Developments That Could Endanger Free Speech

Written by jgsf1987   
Thursday, 11 July 2019 20:32

Recent actions taken by Google and other major web companies have begun to crack down on internet channels that don't fall within the corporate media's mainstream in an effort to block them out. This isn't a good sign, especially with a political/economic establishment lashing out after being badly cornered. David Pakman put it very well in a video post on Youtube, and it's not good by any means. We need to hold the media accountable as campaign 2020 continues to heat up. For us this is a major free-speech issue that needs highlighting as time goes on, as neither the Corporate Democrats nor the Republicans (as they're propped up by Fox News) are going to step up to the plate on this issue.

This is why we need to make clear to internet companies like Youtube that they should give progressives a level playing field. Otherwise, they're only doing the bidding of their ad customers. your social media marketing partner
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