Evolution Must Forever Eclipse Convolution

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Sunday, 26 May 2019 02:16

Good Earth Mother's Day, thanx for all you do and don't   :)

Evolution Must Forever Eclipse Convolution


Someone suggests that, "It is not wisdom

But authority that makes a law." Al,

With an obvious emphasis on the but, but,

As Confucius relates, people should be free.

With that all Americans agree, authority

That isn't wizened breaks life's Spirit,

Espirit de vie, instead of fostering it,

Realizing a people like the autocratic

Oligarchic narcissistic nihilist-in-chief,

Self-possessed to the point of being

A king-kong sized terrible-two, like his

Executive branch, which he's molded

Into rot, and it's attempting to destroy

The tree, this country, 'Turtle Island'.


So the as backwards remocrat approach,

While in ascendancy, because dempublicans

Didn't fight their hacking of our elections

Hard enough, isn't real or right, and

'Though it has come to pass, it's not

To stay, so say one and All. "..We(e),.."

Will not be undone, by the mediocracy

That thinks with spooned nose, speaks

With forked tongue, destroying democracy.

A society, fostered by progressing

Civilization, not a cleptocracy fueled

By technocracies' ravaging of the Earth.

For e.g., Confucian's 'Hanfu', "Heaven

Above, Earth below", manifests harmony.


Where man is betwixt, plumb, in balance.

It starts with individuals and "discipline,

Being the art of feeling awe..", Casteneda,

A combination of Jung's integrated self,

With Adler's integration into community,

A Sartrean freedom: "..we are free because

We are not a self, but a presence-to-self,

The transcendence, nihilation of our self.

We're other to our selves, that whatever we

Are or whatever others may ascribe to us,

We are in the manner of not being it.", no

Longer ego ridden, a tool in la machine's

Hand, rather, as it began, man weilding

Tools to better life, in nature's balance.


We can't go back to the righteousness of

Chief Seattle's, "..no one can own the land",

We can tread lightly, stalking ourselves,

Giving back to nature's abundance, a healthy

Skepticism, it's not the self-sacrificed when

We do what needs to be done, rather the false

Ego sacrificed at Thee's altar within. Then,

As we left no footprints that followed none,

They will echo in all ways, and always.

So, on this tragic 50 th Memorial of the

Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,

Let us remember his shining example, and his

Spirits, "...judging not lest ye be judged's"

Compassion for his neighbor, "...treated as


He wanted to be", for he wanted to be more,

Ever studiously growing. His dream was for

All who choose awakening. So too, those who

Suffer, and suffer from false-ego, and

Its projections, in mental cells, built of

Walls of delusions, with bricks of illusions,

Their personal hells, shouldn't be judged

Autocratically, as laws can work and be

Compassionately applied. Also, even

Though, King pulled "..the arc of the moral

Universe bends towards justice" out of his

As, we know, if we take bullets we aren't

Making them, addressing personal injustices

Stops them from becoming global ones too.


If we don't exercise our responsibilities

Their Siamese twin sisters, freedoms,

Will wither like unused muscles, as well.

"You can't dismantle the man's house with the

Man's tools (materialism)", Audrey, Gandhi's,

"Be the change you want to see in the world,

The root of all oppression lies in (supposed)

Science", though he pulled "Satyagraha", out

Of his as. What we don't matters as much as

What we do, the manner in which we don't or

Do things brings light, life to them or it

Doesn't, those most attached to life or

Death are more closely death, live on your

Feet or die continually on your knees.


You see, while might might make right, it

Always makes wrong, and fraternity rules.

Just because the invisible coup's lie,

"Hillary's not perfect", was let fly by some

Dinos, linos, sinos, ginos, ainos, hackers,

Kremlin kronies now in the kluckahouse, wicked

Leaks, 20 % of Bernie or bust bots, the US

Intelligence/police industrial complex, (who,

Like king george + his dick, cheney, purposely

Didn't prevent the attacks on 9-11-01, they

Didn't prevent the hacking of our 11-8-16

Elections, installing Trumpler, attempting to

Realize a borne again cold war, extreme theft

Of tax $, etc.) doesn't mean the world must


Fall to Ebony, ivory, the Black and white

Supremacies' cannibalizing the future, tax

Dolla's, in perfect harmony, to replicate the

Past's supposed: profits, pleasures + powers.

"..We(e),.." can stop ivory's: removal of DACA,

Reproductive, healthcare, and voting rights,

Blacks not having to wait till 2040 to get

Another President, instead they can get one in

2020, potentially, etc., for Ebony, and stop

Ebony's getting: rid of zero-tolerance in

Public school + harsh law, shorter sentences,

Earlier releases + paroles, waving of crack

Convictions, extreme war funding, gutting of

EPA's work, etc., for ivory, by dispelling the


Delusional construct of materialism, that

Actual religion, bi-headed, of the false gods

Of mammon, wealth, avarice, and mollock,

Extreme violence, grinding up seed (behind

The masks of Christians, Hindus, Atheists,

Etc.), exemplified in those merx for more's

Through to mercs for unnecessary unending

War's war machine, oiled by the blood of non:

United suck of assassins citizens, white,

Upper-middle-class to rich, supposed

Christians, which most worship, separating

"It from of the state", which is demanded by

The Constitution. Then we can struggle to

Denotseefy the rest of the 21 flavors of, in


This 'baskin and robbins' of, supremacy.

Only then will this criminal conspiracy of

Criminal conspiracies again resemble a

Nation. For e.g., take the trillion ton ice-

Cube that just dropped in the drink, coasts

Flooded costing us billions, so oil corps.

Can make even more $, making the egg shaped

Planet into a sphere, denaturing the Earth's

Defenses against the astronomical forces of

The Sun, Moon and continually degrading the

Earth's orbit around them. It's God's tear,

And as a single tears story is seldom told,

That flood will wipe us out, like the lose

Of $ to get a photo of a golfer on Mars will.



(Thanx to AlThePoet, Confucius, Carlos

Castaneda, Jean Paul Sartre, Chief Seattle,

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., The Bible,

Audrey Lourdes, Mohatma Gandhi, The U.S.

Constitution; for the above quotes, respectively)

(Thanx to AlThePoet, Confucius, Carlos Castaneda, Jean Paul Sartre, Chief Seattle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., The Bible, Audrey Lourdes, Mohatma Gandhi, The U.S. Constitution; for the above quotes, respectively)  Copy, share as you will   :)   reality

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