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Sandy Hook: Alex Jones Shows How to Get Sued

Written by Philip Kraske   
Wednesday, 30 May 2018 21:11

That teapot squeal known as School Sandy Hook,

A slight higher note just recently took,

When gravel-voiced Alex got served a civil,

To stand before jury and not fake or swivel,

But make his case and defend what he said:

The poor children that died just might not be dead.


I’m glad to see it ’cause it’s often the case,

That newsfolks go blabbing to shore up their base,

Fareed CNN does this every week,

And calls Vlady Putin a thief and a geek,

But Putin’s a calm man and takes it in stride,

And takes out his horse or high polls for a ride.


But Alex got whacked ’cause he stepped on some toes,

And failed to support what he said with much prose.

TV’s a place that poorly supports theory,

’Specially the kind of which folks are leery,

Requiring some long lengthy concepts to parse,

And woe is yours if your reasoning’s sparse.


Hence Jim Fetzer’s written format is better,

Since him you can follow letter for letter,

Why/how he calls out the entire Hook group,

In wordage and photos, and throws in the soup

Parents and cops and the school system to boot,

Waiting with relish for just one to file suit.


Which when I think of the whole of this mess,

Is the aspect that most makes my eyeballs abscess:

Though quick it should be to show judge a few docs,

And knock Fetzer’s theories right off the blocks,

Nobody does it, foregoing a rich bite,

Which itself makes me wonder who’s wrong and who’s right. your social media marketing partner


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+2 # Wise woman 2018-06-15 09:41
I live 15 minutes from Sandy Hook. What happened on 12/14/12 happened. No one can imagine the upheaval in Newtown and the surrounding towns on that day and for days and weeks afterward. The closest hospital - Danbury - was overwhelmed with the injured and dying. President Obama visited days after to console the families of the victims. I was caught up in confusion of roads being barricaded while on my way to a Christmas party. A close friend was friendly with the grandmother of one of the victims and attended the funeral with her. To say all of this is a hoax is a delusion of a very sick mind. I'm glad the families that were affected are suing Alex Jones.
0 # Philip Kraske 2018-07-14 00:55
Thank you for your comment on my poem. Personally, I am undecided about the Sandy Hook matter. On one hand, there is the sheer improbability of the alternative theory: that practically an entire town -- residents, school board, police, local newspaper -- were bribed or coerced into the service of a massive hoax with political overtones. On the other, a cover-up is clearly operating: FBI documents redacted, basic documentation of the crime absent, gag orders issued, photos doctored, FOIA requests for even the most anodyne documents denied.

Conspiracy theories are born from three elements: 1) professional journalists take at face value and then defend the official version of events; 2) government officials refuse to be transparent about evidence; 3) the case reaches into some political issue, usually domestic. Sandy Hook is a classic.

Your testimony above is clearly sincere. But so is that of people who were in the building in the years before the event and describe a decommissioned water-damaged facility full of junk. What is anyone supposed to think?

I too am glad that Jones is being sued; it might teach him to watch his mouth. But the families would do us all a greater favor by insisting that every single official document be laid unredacted on the public table and that every FOIA request be granted; and by making available a few photos of their lost loved ones for full scrutiny. If those things were done, the Sandy Hook controversy would quickly disappear.

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