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Steve Jobs Ghost Is America's Last Leader?

Written by Lawrence Brown   
Monday, 24 December 2012 22:45
Forget politicians; arguing about which of these people who couldn't get a real job is

better than a different one who couldn't get a real job is a textbook example of

"rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." Sure were better off with Obama,but

electing a President of the United States because he wasn't George W. Bush and

re-electing him because he wasn't Mitt Romney is faint praise indeed.

Is anyone in America more admired than Steve Jobs?

If he'd run against Obama's re-election,who do you think would be President now?


Because Steve gave us stuff that is actually real and actually works.

(Unlike our government.)

And what a leader.

Proof? Before he left us you never heard a negative word about Apple products.

Soon after he was gone you discovered the workers who made your iPhone may

have thrown themselves out windows preferring death over their inhuman working

conditions. Then the iPhone 5 comes out with the vastly superior GoogleMaps replaced

by an awful Apple Map.(Steve was very angry with Google but he would never have

hurt his customers till he had something better to offer.)

That's leadership.

(Historic note: the last time coolest product on Earth(like iPhone) became the biggest

company in the world(like Apple) was on 1903 when Henry Ford gave the world a $350


More horrors:

KODAK owned the photography business for 100 years,but they thought this

"digital photo" stuff was a passing fad. They are now in bankruptcy.

XEROX's name was part of the language--"xerox this"--but they thought they would

forever own the business of making copying machines because they idea of their loyal

customers of 15 years ago getting their own computer with it's own printer was

"science fiction".

The loss of great brand names like Kodak and Xerox is a life-threatening matter to

the greatest brand name in the world: AMERICA.

We need 100 new Steve Jobs' and right away.

And no one should be intimidated by this.

Steve Jobs himself said (watch him say this on YOUTUBE under "Steve Jobs/

One last thing")

"Everything around you that you call life,

was created by somebody no smarter than you."

If we had more people acting like Steve Jobs,

an America with 23 million unemployed,we also have

more Jobs.

Let's act like America again.


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0 # zornorff 2013-01-14 20:07
"If we had more people acting like Steve Jobs,

an America with 23 million unemployed,we also have

more Jobs." And where are all these wonderful products made?
+1 # Military Family Voices 2013-01-14 23:43
Good thoughts but probably actually not. We need to recognize the virtually millions of brilliant people already toiling away at stunning innovation, with only the few who were in the right place, with the right brilliance, at a fertile time, who then converted it to financial success and the power to be revered and touted as singular. Unfortunately, we negate the millions by searching for clues from the few who made the commercial grade, our common remedial understanding.

The problem, truly dirty little secret and wonder, is they are already inspired. To think otherwise and that they are less is an injustice. What they need now is actual help. They need a more progressive change in paradigm that says that brilliance need not be coupled to commercialism. Only then can people use their brilliance to help others, like for instance to develop truly groundbreaking ways to put the world to work in safe and equitable ways for living wages –rather than ways profitable for some and simply debilitatingly busy ways for most.

He would likely say that more of him would be a mistake. He was profit driven innovation. Without profits, he could never have continued to innovate as he did. However, had profit not hobbled his paths, the innovations would have soared far higher. His best ideas for our world never got traction.

Focus on your neighbor, toiling in obscurity. There is the brilliance of America. Steve, above all others would appreciate helping him out of your way.

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