USDA GMO Approvals: Good for Biotech, Bad For People

Written by B.T. Hill   
Sunday, 26 February 2012 11:22
Dow, Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta and other biotech firms must be jumping for joy because the USDA is making it easier for GMO crops to be approved more quickly.

The USDA is allowing public comment at the start of the approvals process which is a reversal of the old method. It looks good on paper but what it really does is allow the biotech firms chances to address the public’s concerns early on – and find ways to dismiss them. Reading between the lines: Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Bayer, Du Pont and BASF can pull out all the stops and showcase their slanted evidence in their “studies” to have the voice of the American people effectively discounted and silenced.

Bloomberg News reports that it’s a rubber stamp approach by the USDA to speed the crops into approval, thus allowing the GMO seed companies faster profits.

“They are trying to work the system so they can dismiss public comments more quickly and easily, in order to speed things up,” Bill Freese, a policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety, told Bloomberg. “It’s a rubber-stamp system. A real regulatory system will occasionally reject something.”

The most recent application by Dow Agro Science for its 2-4-D GMO corn had an initial 2 month comment period. Just days ago the USDA extended it to April 29th. of this year. By then there will undoubtedly be thousands more comments by consumers. Is this the test run for the new application system? Will the USDA approve this new 2-4-D “Agent Orange” corn to hit the market? Time will tell. I’m not hopeful, though, that the USDA will be interested in doing its job: protecting the people and rejecting this latest GMO product.

Despite mountains of evidence in independent studies to the contrary, Monsanto insists that GMO foods are safe. The USDA seems to be in agreement, based on their past performance with GMO approvals. Monsanto has even convinced billionaire Bill Gates of this also. He’s become their poster child of GMO promotion in philanthropic dealings with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation across the globe. He’s got the “We CAN feed the world with GMOs,” schpeel down pat and funding Monsanto with millions to prove it. Now Listen to geneticist, Dr. Mae Wan Ho, PhD, tell why it can’t work:

Consumers are up in arms about GMOs, demanding them to be labeled in foods where they exist, which is just about everything in the grocery store. The whole GMO agricultural process from start to finish is being called out by writers and activists like myself all over the world. We’re screaming, “Look at the independent studies!” but the USDA doesn’t seem to be listening!

I want to know: If I know about this, if I’ve read and seen reports of the danger of GMOs in all aspects; if millions of others know from media, medical and independent reports contrary to the safety of GMOs, WHY doesn’t the USDA and all other federal agencies possibly involved with this agricultural aspect — why don’t they question it further? Why don’t they listen to WE THE PEOPLE and stop it?

This new approval process is a ruse designed to placate the American public and continue to “poison” as usual.

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