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writing for godot

That’s it folks – we have lost our democracy!

Written by Terry Sneller   
Saturday, 10 March 2018 07:28

When we have elected officials who refuse to protect our children from mass slaughter by insane people – who are legally authorized by our elected representatives to buy military assault rifles – we must examine the cause and depth of our denial. Also, take into consideration that when little baby birds die in a coal mine, indications are that there is a much larger danger looming deeper in the mine.

I’m not going to bother or bore you with examples designed to confirm what I just stated, since it is an obvious and irrefutable fact that not only relates to the gun issue but, as I just indicated, a large panoply of other issues, as well. What I would prefer instead, is to entice you into reading enough to understand how we came to lose our democracy and then hopefully be able to eliminate certain fatal flaws – should we ever have an opportunity to create another, more durable, form of self governance.


As I have previously reported, in numerous other writings, it is a scientific fact that, as far back in recorded history as we have records – humanity has been burdened by certain individuals who are socio/psychopathic. I’ll not go into great detail regarding the characteristics of these dangerous individuals, but instead refer you to Clinton Callahan’s excellent article. Should you have more interest in people with this disorder, contact me (link below), as I have a small library of additional information.

Of the many unique traits of these damaged humans, I would like to point out several characteristics which are critically relevant to why we have lost our democracy. Historically and demographically, of any population, about one percent are certifiably socio/psychopaths. Additionally, there are usually about another five percent who will follow and/or support the primary one percent. Probably, as an instinctual means of self-preservation through the control of others, they are compulsively drawn to the possession and utilization of money as a gateway to power. Characteristically, these types of people are fairly intelligent, charming, cunning, manipulative and most importantly – they have a severe lack of empathy. In order to more readily manipulate us, they study us the way we study lab rats.

There are many types of governments, from tribes to monarchies. When our Founding Fathers, who were well versed in the various historical forms of government, were deciding how to structure their new republic, they selected a democracy, since the idea of self-governance was very appealing. As a result of their deep understanding of which types of government worked and which ones didn’t they attempted to build into our Constitution as many safeguards as possible.

They were well aware of the existence of individuals who we today identify as socio/psychopathic. Some of the provisions they included in the Constitution – like the Electoral College, protection of the press and impeachment – were attempts to provide safeguards against dictators, monarchs and oligarchs. They also advised against the political divisiveness that comes as a result of allowing political parties, which are used as a powerful and favorite “divide and conquer” tool of the socio/psychopaths in order to dissipate any form of unified dissension.

After the founders’ revolution sparking experience with the government dominating excessive power of the Dutch East India company – which, by the way, was the world’s first corporation – these wise men also did their best to endow our democracy with a long life by seeing that severe laws regulating corporations were enacted. However, during the last one hundred thirty plus years (since 1886), those original strict legal restraints have been so throughly negated by the socio/psychopaths, that today corporations – which in reality consist of batches of paperwork describing artificial legal entities that live in file drawers and are endowed with eternal life – have more legal powers than us humans.


No examination of how we lost our democracy would be complete without taking into consideration the relationship between our democracy and our current economic system – capitalism.

The Barter System is an economic system based on the direct exchange of goods and services between two or more parties. This primitive concept was cumbersome and too often not very efficient in allocating supply with demand. As a result capitalism was developed. Stripped to its bare essence, capitalism uses capital – which is primarily money – to represent value which can then be readily traded or exchanged for goods and/or services. This was a great improvement over the Barter System.

One of the primary functions of a healthy government is to provide and maintain The Commons. Along with ensuring that the citizens have good roads, police, firemen, schools, hospitals, etc., a viable government, which primarily relies on capital/money as a means of exchange for goods and services among its citizens, has to also monitor and regulate the economic systems – including the banking systems, as well. At its most basic level, the best way to evaluate a government is by taking into consideration to what degree that government supports the wealthy citizens and their property, relative to the rest of the citizens, their property AND their Commons, as well.

Keep in mind that while democracies often produce a lot of “good,” I’m only focusing on the “bad” efforts of the socio/psychopaths to dismantle our democracy. They perceive democracies as a barrier in their obsessive quest for world dominance – dominance at the expense of all else.


So, if we take all of these factors, mix them together for a couple of centuries and pour them out, what do we get?

Well, almost from the start of our country’s founding, political parties began taking control and manipulating our politics. Instead of utilizing our government created Treasury Department, an international banking cartel began ongoing attempts to dominate our financial systems. Finally, after several attempts, in 1913 the international banking family of the Rothschilds were able to establish their Federal Reserve banking system in the US. The end result is that instead of the US Treasury Department printing our money, the Federal Reserve took over that process and subsequently “loans” the money back to our Treasury which then charges our government interest – with rates set by The Fed. All for the privilege of bilking the US out of billions of unaudited dollars – every year!

Once the socio/psychopaths had control of our banking systems and were beginning to use corporations as surrogate humans to do their dirty work, they actively began to physically take over our political systems. Their first, rather sloppy and overt failed attempt, occurred when they attempted to wrest control of the US from President Franklin D. Roosevelt by using a coup in the early 1930s.

Their next attempt was so covert that few people today are even aware that it even took place – much less realize that it is still active! It began right after WWII when two socio/psychopathic brothers – Allen and John Foster Dulles – convinced then President Truman to absorb a group of Nazi/Russian spies into the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.).

Almost immediately they began asserting their newly found power when, against the support of then President John Kennedy, they attempted a failed invasion of Cuba. JFK was so disgusted with their activities that he promptly began the involved process of dismantling the C.I.A. The “banished” brothers took their followers and formed a Shadow Government, which was an active participant in the subsequent assassination of Kennedy. Ironically, it was Allen Dulles who was selected by President Johnson to spearhead the intentionally flawed and mis-directing Warren Commission’s examination of the Kennedy murder.

Using a .221-caliber Fireball to blow out the back of John Kennedy’s head in bright daylight on the streets of Dallas back in 1963, has had a long-standing and dampening affect not only on all future liberal Presidencies, but a host of other politicians, as well. One more recent “reminder” of the socio/psychopath’s power, was the relatively recent political assassination of the brave Senator from Minnesota – Paul Wellstone, in 2002.

Of course, as the socio/psychopaths obtained more political power, their control was eventually reflected in all three branches of our government. Congress, with the aid of compliant Right-Wing Presidents, created laws, or failed to create laws, which advanced the causes of the socio/psychopaths. Just a few recent examples of how their control has asserted itself are – the slow destruction of the unions, abandoning regulations regarding the media, approval of far right members of the judicial system, rules regarding money in politics, totally controlling of our wars, ignoring civil rights, repairing our broken voting systems, abandoning environmental concerns, removal of critical banking regulations, destroying our educational systems and domestic gun control – which is back to where I started this essay.

However, the socio/psychopaths REALLY flashed their asses at us with the Right Wing controlled Supreme Court ruling regarding the 2000 election of George W. Bush! This was the most obvious move to take control of the US since the assassinations of JFK, his brother and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 60s. Less obvious was the way that they manipulated the 2004 votes for the Bush re-election. Apparently, they learned that public murders of members of the left drew too much public attention and were too difficult to control. Whenever they can, they primarily now operate using their newly acquired political systems to take and maintain control of our empire politically/legally. “They” have now effectively reversed the critical roles of the government controlling the capitalist.

The 2016 Election simply exposed a long-standing flaw in our election systems which the socio/psychopathic GOP took exquisite advantage of, beginning with the 2010 Census and the resulting gerrymandering of our voting districts through 2020. Once again, since “they” are in total control of our democracy – there is not enough time, or means, available to plug the various holes in how we attempt to “elect” those who are now all too firmly in control of our lives. The loss of our democracy is complete! Belatedly, too few of us will yet acknowledge it!


I’d like to congratulate and thank you for following along with this rather brief explanation of my premise. I certainly hope that the numerous links which are embedded in this essay were able to expand your awareness and perhaps to some degree even enlighten you. I sincerely request that should you find fault or flaws in what I have presented here, you will be motivated to respond with your comments and suggestions. If there is any way to legally and peacefully restore our democracy – like a multi-million person general strikeplease let me know and I’ll be energetically all in!


Tarry Faster

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+4 # RobertHeston 2018-03-11 04:21
You might appreciate my little presentation about successful psychopaths:

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