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Ignore The Twitter Twit & Go Strategic

Written by Terry Sneller   
Monday, 08 January 2018 05:33

It's past time that we come to grips with the fact that we have been seduced by a master media manipulator/con man who doesn't possess the mental capacity to perform the duties of the Presidency.  As a man with a narcissistic personality disorder he has, for most of his life, been intuitively honing his skill set for attracting attention.  As President of the United States, this predominant personality disorder is not only a counter-productive trait but terribly dangerous, as well!

Granted that we, as concerned citizens, should be kept informed as to the politically relevant activities of our President.  However, our profit driven media, and relevant industries, have taken coverage of this mentally deficient Tweeting President to a new and unhealthy level.  We now find ourselves in some new form of international media feedback loop, which is all to distracting from critical issues, and instead focused on the importance of what the Twitter Twit is having for lunch ... a Big Mac or Whopper with cheese.

If we step outside of this media-driven bubble and study what is actually going on from a strategic perspective, it looks like the odds are that we could very well be stuck with the Twitter Twit for at least the duration of his initial Presidential cycle.  Let's examine the various options for a successful escape from this politically induced cave of mass madness.

To quote the first woman Speaker of The House in 2006, "Impeachment is off the table!"  The Republicans, who currently control all of Congress, just love this compliant President, as he is anxious to sign any bill that they are able to create and send to him.  Realistically, the mid-term elections of 2018 don't hold much promise for Presidential change, either.  While there is a sensible possibility that the Democrats could take control of the House, Speaker Pelosi would, after looking at the newly formed composition of the Senate, once again state, "Impeachment is off the table!"

Here is what Pelosi will likely see in the Senate - the lack of a two thirds Democratic majority needed to vote the Twitter Twit out of office.  As the Senate now stands, there is pretty much an equilibrium between the Left and a unified voting block of Right wing Senators.  In 2018 there will be 34 Senators up for re-election; 9 Republicans and 25 Democrats and Independents.

So, not only will the Democrats and Independents have to hold on to all of the 49 or so seats that they currently have in the Senate, but additionally win another 18 or more to make up the two-thirds majority that will be needed to vote the Twitter Twit out of office.  Not impossible but realistically, not very likely.

Now let's examine what the great legal eagle, Bob Mueller, and his crack team of specialized experts can do to help us out of this ongoing Twitter Nightmare.  While his through examination of the facts in this matter will probably be ongoing throughout the year, it is not likely that much of it will provide the kind of permanent relief we all seek from the Twitter Twit's onslaught of self-glorification.

Numerous insider leaks have consistently assured us that there are many legal grounds for prosecution.  However, the underlining question is - can a sitting President be indicted?  The Supremes have never been tasked with resolving this question and, should it ever come up - will a Right-leaning court find that he can be indicted?  Again, not very likely.

What about the possibility of the Twitter Twit "stealing" Mueller's primary prosecution witnesses by pardoning them?  After all, Mueller could simply transfer the suits into various State Courts and carry on.

Well, it seems that the Twitter Twit has already covered that prospect by taking the unprecedented action of personally "interviewing" candidates for certain State Court positions that would be involved in such a legal maneuver.  Those very same newly appointed district attorneys now represent the critical areas of New York City, the Washington DC area and the district which surrounds his high-priced Mar-A-Lago flop house, in Florida.  Maybe there could eventually be a long-term involvement that included a change of venue, but that would be way too far down the line, even for our strategic purposes's.

Of course, the 25th Amendment of The Constitution could be a factor, if all of his Vice President and Cabinet sycophants could bring themselves to state that the Twitter Twit wasn't capable of managing the office of the Presidency.  However, that doesn't seem to be the case, as the Twitter Twit has surrounded himself with adoring admirers who would NEVER show such disloyalty to him ... so far.

Additionally, there is always the prospect of the unforeseen and thus unplanned event which could change everything.  But those fantasies are as vast as anyone's imagination can fathom.  And, since we are attempting to swing our thinking toward prospects that are reality based, there is no need to venture into the creative world of political fiction, as it would be a waste of time and energy.

So here we are, deciding to not cater to the Twitter Twit's madness by obsessively tracking his every thought.  Thoughts which are being sold like a realtime reality show and which are spread with the aid of various forms of new and manipulated media.

We have taken a serious look at the slight options of his removal before the 2020 elections and come up dry.  What then can be done to pull us back from the brink of the total destruction of our democracy?


Well, since the Right is heavily endowed with military types and historically the military are recognized as experts in strategic planning, perhaps we should pay attention to and heed that age-old concept.  Since our tactical options seem pretty slim, perhaps it is time that we think, plan and activate some strategic options.

Traditionally, wars have to do with dominance.  One group or country wants to take control of another group or country.  And, traditionally, this has involved battlegrounds filled with opposing sides and the winner eventually becomes dominant over the loser.

Let's think of our "battlegrounds" as being composed of voting districts and our battle is over dominance of those voting districts.  Frankly, if one looks closely, it becomes obvious that as of right now, we are losing that war!  We have been running around trying to gather enough votes by just convincing the voters to vote for us and, all the while, we didn't even realize that we were in a war for control of those districts -- and now, due to our lack of attention, we are WAY behind in that war.

The reality is that we - the voters in those districts - are the battlefield soldiers and we must use "ballot box" votes to indicate our support for those particular "officers" we are willing to let represent and/or lead us in this "war".

However, most of us have ignored the fact that the majority of the "ballot boxes" which we have been somehow rather arbitrarily issued -- are defective! In fact, most of these so called "ballot boxes" aren't really ballot boxes at all, but rather insidiously defective computerized machines feeding into systems which are supposed to convince us that they are accurately sending our critical votes of support in the direction we want.  In reality, they are like subversive agents of the opposition and are counterproductively sending our votes of support - TO THE OPPOSITION!

The obvious solution is to get rid of the computerized and out-of-control machines and return to readily verifiable pencil and paper voting.  However, we can't pass a law to do that until we get control of Congress and the Presidency.  So, here we are stuck, again!  Maybe on the tactical level, but not on the strategic level.


Did you know, or ever consider the ramifications of this chart:

Electoral College Chart

It highlights the consistently negative results that the Democrats have had when the Electoral College was a deciding factor in these elections.  As you may note, all four winners/Presidents in that chart were Republicans who actually lost the popular vote!  Again, this is another failing in our election system which must be changed.  And it also requires that we take back control of Congress in order to eliminate this obvious flaw in our voting processes.

The US Government is legally obligated to take a national census every ten years.  One of the many uses for all of the data that is collected, is information which is used to create voting districts, or for our purposes -- battlegrounds.  The boundaries for these battlegrounds are drawn by whichever party has gained political control of each state.  This whole process also has strong ramifications for the voting composition of the Electoral College.

After the 2008 election, when Obama was elected President, the Republican Party got very busy at local levels throughout the US.  They made sure that they took control of enough political seats, at the state level, to be able to draw the new battleground boundaries in their favor - using the 2010 census data.

The result was that in the midterm 2010 elections, the Republicans took over Congress, in a big way, and basically thwarted the rest of Obama's agenda for the balance of his Presidency.  In fact, those battlefield boundaries are still in place (and will be until the next census) and this is also why we now have the Twitter Twit doing his defective best to act like a President.

Now not only is the Electoral College an antiquated and anti-democratic process - but the entire procedure, which allows the prevailing party the decade long power of drawing the political "battle lines" - is extremely un-democratic, as well.  In fact, if you look into it, you will find that most of the Founding Fathers - who were wise in the ways of failed ancient democracies - advised against having any political parties, in the first place.

On this front, there are some VERY recent developments which are designed to use Super Computers to confirm that battlefield lines are drawn in an equitable and nonpartisan manner.

From a very recent article in Salon, on this subject:

"Using a complex algorithm and the power of 100,000 computer processors, Cho’s team can draw up millions or even a billion different versions of a statewide legislative or congressional district maps in just a couple of hours that can help identify if an existing district map shows evidence that it was drawn up to give an unfair advantage to a particular party."

Now, if it is beginning to dawn on you that if you want to participate in regaining control of your country - YOU are going to have to become a soldier and get involved in this grand strategic action plan then, you are correct.  Don't cringe, turn away and stop reading, as you may actually find participatory politics quite rewarding and enjoyable ... maybe even exciting.  In any event, you will not be alone in this vital endeavor, as there is a rapidly growing army that will gladly help you.

With that in mind, the first thing that I would recommend is that you check in with the current Generals and their staffs.  They would be Barack Obama and Eric Holder, who have deemed this war critical enough to our survival that they are currently organizing their troops.  Click here, to enlist.


So, what this all boils down to is this -


1. Don't waste much time paying attention to the socio/psychopathically defective media hog in the White House, as that is mostly a time consuming mental energy drain.

2. Keep in mind our Strategic objectives:

A. Locally elect like-minded representatives that will ...

B. Help take back control of Congress in 2018, and ...

C. Make sure that the 2020 census data is used to draw unbiased battle lines.

D. Recruit new soldiers.

When evaluating "like-minded representatives," make sure that their intentions are pure and that they are NOT taking ANY form of support from corporations or big money donors -- for THAT is how the corruption usually starts.  Keep in mind what Bernie accomplished with average donations of just $37!

Recruiting can be done on a one-on-one basis in person, through email, social media, meetings, email lists, etc.  You may also prefer to refer people to this published article, and/or it is also published at the easy to remember website: your social media marketing partner
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