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Chickens Coming Home To Roost Now includes the Saudis, Netanyahu, and Trumps’ threat to Democracy

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Saturday, 21 December 2019 04:02

Move Over Deep State
There is a powerful Feedback Loop that is expanding between the Saudi Crown Prince, Netanyahu and Trump. Erik Prince and his Blackwater mercenaries were a chief go-between, seized and tortured disobedient Saudi family members, the kind that past Saudi rulers had to consult with. It is amazing how much the feedback loop has betrayed US and Israeli tradition. An ominously grim, possible scenario, is that concepts like the US Deep State will need to be modified.

The insidious Netanyahu Saudi Cartel is Trying to Rule the World

In the US we fixate on Trump, in Israel they fixate on Netanyahu, but we miss the importance of the entire alliance including the Saudi Crown Prince. Back and forth influence pedaling -- Oil prices temporary low so Trump can brag about the economy -- US decisions to make Netanyahu look good – Countering that what is called breaking the rules and corruption to be actually good for the country and the economy.

Eric Prince, who is no longer BLACKWATER, is the chief go-between. Supposedly in the Mueller Repor,  he helped Russia interfere in the US election, but the documents cited actually show him getting together with Donald Trump Jr., the Saudis, United Arab Emirate to meet with Russians to try to get Putin to coordinate with them to try to get Trump elected, google, “Donald Trump Jr met Gulf states emissary offering election help the Guardian” (The Guardian is a British Newspaper).

The Cartel keeps getting stronger, Google "Israeli, Saudi, and Emirati Officials Privately Pushed for Trump to Strike a 'Grand Bargain' with Putin"

In 2017, Blackwater helped, the Saudi Crown Prince seize absolute power. But recently it wasn’t that noted that Jamal Khashoggi was a member of the Saudi elite not just an assassinated news correspondent, making the Crown Prince’s authority not to be crossed, both home and abroad, US and Israeli policy is constantly being twisted to help both stay in office and to not be punished for corruption. The supporters for both believe the corruption charges against their head of state is just dirty politics, It is amazing how much both have been resisting corruption that would have gotten any other politician out of office long ago. There are many other uncanny similarities between them. Googling “Uncanny similarities between Trump and Netanyahu” would get dozens of similarities, it’s worth seeing. Since Netanyahu was first investigated for corruption December 2016, looking at him may preview some of the future twists and turns in trying to stop Trump.
Many though Netanyahu indicted for corruption would end his political career but now the appeals and counter appeals could drag on for years, with even more elections without forming a working government.

Trump pushed Democrats toward impeachment over Ukraine by at first claiming he will not turn over documents or allow government officials to testify, because Impeachment wasn’t official. Ukraine is not the clearest issue to Impeach Trump with.

Trump is a con-genius, and an expert at extending a shallow economic bubble skillfully trying to make sure it doesn’t pop before the next election. He also keeps hinting that some of his sightly out control supporters might resort to violence. He never denounced a supporter who sent letter bombs in the mail after attending Trump rallies, with a van plastered with pictures of Democratic politicians with a bull's-eye at their heads. Enticing violence is the type of impeachment that might lead to conviction especially if digging finds a smoking gun. Or at least could make Trump not re-electable.

Trump, Netanyahu, plus the Crown Prince form a dangerous brew your social media marketing partner
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