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US and Russian Election Interference- and - Yemen War Crimes

Written by Theodore McIntire   
Monday, 26 February 2018 09:51


To Whom It May Concern

My name is Theodore McIntire, Major, USAF (Retired)

I have two decades of experience in Foreign Military Sales both in and outside the government

I also have some insights regarding the continuing saga of Russian and US intelligence and government activities to influence each other’s domestic affairs and elections that dates back before the 2016 elections in the United States and the 2016 elections in Russia (see ) and that has been going back and forth for quite some time,16641,19960715,00.html

During my first trip to Russia in February 2016 my fellow traveler and I were arrested by Russian government authorities and falsely accused by the local and national Russian press for nefariously interfering with domestic activities in Russia. More details can be found here and elsewhere, but this is just one small part of a bigger story.

Two weeks ago I contacted the U.S. DOJ Special Council TO INVESTIGATE RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE WITH THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION regarding details of events during my arrest in Russia along with my subsequent research connecting the Trump administration to war crimes in Yemen. I forwarded correspondence I sent to the U.S. DOJ Special Council to a dozen Representatives and Senators in Washington.  I have yet to receive any response from the DoJ Special Council.  I have yet to receive any response regarding the contents of the correspondence I copied to the Representatives and Senators in Washington who were provided copies of this correspondence.   Time will tell if the Department of Justice and our nationally elected leaders will meaningfully address relevant matters and related topics.

In my humble opinion, media at the local, national and international levels are failing to report on pertinent and important topics associated with the ongoing narrative of Russian interference in the U.S. elections.  Michael Isikoff (the same journalist mentioned in the recent "Nunes memo") does a pretty good job reporting topics of immediate interest in his latest podcast from 23 February 2018 The entire podcast is informative, but you can also jump forward to minute 24:30 to hear Congresswoman Speier confirm there is more that has not been revealed to the U.S. public.

My belief is that doubts about the intentions, operations and results of government agencies, elected leaders and news media is a major factor in the growing public dissatisfaction with all these entities and the overall polarization of our society, and I have previously written about this (and a multitude of other topics in past years). To avoid a common excuse inappropriately used by many people looking into or defending national security matters, I will take this opportunity to clarify that none of the research, information or writing I have conducted on these or any other topics deals with any classified matters and is based on information that is open, documented and available to the public.

I share the above with you as a point of future reference if you, or journalists that you know and can recommend, would be interested to take steps in order to more comprehensively report on the topics of US and Russian Election Interference- and - Yemen War Crimes.


Ted McIntire


P.S.  If you need a quick update on Yemen my recommendation is to start here:  See and listen at minute 4:20 to U.S. Congressman and Yale law school graduate Ro Khanna “Today I believe that we are aiding Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia is committing war crimes.”

What remains to be addressed at a national and international level is what are the war crimes, who is responsible for committing these war crimes, and if the United States aid to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is compliant with Ensuring Respect for International Humanitarian Law Erga Omnes. your social media marketing partner


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