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Did Hollywood predict 9/11?

Written by CD Sutton II   
Thursday, 01 August 2013 11:35
In the film 'The Long Kiss Goodnight' a private detective and a CIA assassin are caught in a many-layered web of a particular false flag operation, or "Black Op" In a key scene toward the end of the film, the Deputy Director of the CIA reveals his plan to explode a chemical bomb during a holiday parade near Niagra Falls, a plot that is coded as "Operation Honeymoon." The plan calls for the blame to be laid at the feet of Arab terrorists, which is to be accomplished by sticking a dead, frozen Arab national behind the wheel of a Chevy sedan, which is to be parked in a gully, half buried in snow, with lots of incriminating evidence.

At one point, the Deputy Director states that the motive behind the plan is a form of revenge on the US Congress for cutting the CIA's budget, and that it is necessary to scare the hell out of the nation to restore that funding. The private detective asks, "So you're gonna fake killing 4000 people just to scare some money out of Congress?"

The reply is chilling: "Unfortunately...I have no idea how to fake killing 4000 people; so I guess we're just going to have to do it for real."

This film was released in 1996...5 years before the 9/11 disaster.

Now, I'm NOT saying the film and its plot are connected to 9/11...I have no evidence of such a connection; if I did, I have no doubt I would soon find myself in deep shit with the Feds or some other interested party. But I ask one question: If you said (or wrote), oh maybe, something about how you would kill or maim someone, including your methodology, and that person or persons ended up getting killed or maimed in nearly the same fashion as you you think that the police might want to have a very long talk with you? Count on it.

What I can say is that there exist recorded interviews with NYFD personnel and with independant demolition professionals who have said, again and again, that towers one and two, as well as building seven, all came down in a manner consistent with a "controlled demolition." Structural engineers have gone on record claiming that no amount of jet fuel set ablaze at WTC would burn hot enough to weaken the steel infrastructure to the point where the building would collapse like that.

Is 9/11 to be this generation's JFK conspiracy? One clue to answering that question is the fact that a "Commission" was appointed to discover "The Truth." What that truth is...we may never know.

The other unanswered (hell, not even asked) questions concern the lack of blood and body parts at the Flight 93 "crash site," and the lack of video footage showing the jetliner crashing into the Pentagon. Many security cameras there...but the only frame I have personally seen shows what looks to be a missile, not a large passenger jetliner, streaking at ground level toward the building. The FBI has collected and deeemed as "classified" all other footage.

In the words of our extremist neocon right-wing paranoids, "If you've done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to hide."

Maybe the forces that are concerned with National Security have something to hide. your social media marketing partner
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