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NRA Do Something Constructive: Help Inner Cities Curb Gun Violence

Written by B.T. Hill   
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 18:46

Hadiya Pendelton did not have to die in Chicago from gang related gun violence.

Blacks dying in inner cities from gang shootings or other gun violence are of no interest to the NRA. No, this “good ole boy” racist organization has long turned its back on gun violence in inner cities. Its board of directors’ racist comments on a website called "Meet The NRA" (keyword "race") and profiles are appalling! The NRA has absolutely no interest in helping to stem inner city gun violence. Their only concern is helping gun manufacturers, not the victims of gun crimes.

SHAME ON YOU,NRA! If you really want to do something concrete about ending gun violence, why don’t you go into the inner cities like Chicago? Oh…, what’s the matter, afraid? Why?

You’ve been screeching about the criminals and guns in every speech. Here’s your chance to do something, NRA! All across this country cities like Chicago, East St. Louis, Camden, Philadelphia, Detroit and New Orleans are becoming strongholds of gang violence.

Instead of buying our politicians, undermining attempts to modify existing gun laws, hiding behind your sick version of patriotism, your twisted mantra of the Second Amendment and spreading treasonous lies about President Obama and the government — take all those millions you spend on lobbying and make some real changes! This would be the best PR you could get! Get your tough asses out into the communities that need you the most: the inner cities of places like Chicago where kids are being shot down at an alarming rate!

Show this country you really care about its children by helping to implement programs to help inner city residents fight back against gangs and gun homicides. Work with the mothers, fathers and families of the children who have died; those like Shirley Chambers, who has lost 4 children to gun violence. Hadiya Pendleton’s parents and community would probably get involved, too. Around this country the families of all the young black men who have been killed could use some help. Just think of what your influence could do in Washington!

GREAT IDEA — NRA — How about starting a “Blacks From Inner Cities March on Washington.” How about a NRA chapter called “Blacks Against Gang Killings?”

Do something constructive instead of being destructive!

No? Why? Are you afraid, NRA? your social media marketing partner


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0 # EPGAH3 2013-01-31 15:52
That's a great question! All these shooters attacked areas where their victims were law-abiding citizens. I would never DREAM of saying this is a Government False-Flag, but still: Why hasn't there been one of these massacres in the bad side of some town where it would improve society?

But as you mentioned, race IS the problem, just not as you believe. If someone shoots a Black criminal, it becomes a Media Crusade, no matter how evil that thug was in life, it becomes a Saint immediately upon death!

Thugs have historically not responded well to more gentle attempts at persuasion, and even sued to stop them. Schools get sued for telling thugs to stop being thugs, cops get sued if they show too much police presence in high-crime ghettos, but when we leave them alone, minorities bitch about that instead. A classic Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't.

As to working with the families, another dead end. The families of the thugs will deny that THEIR little angels are involved in criminal activity up to and including in court after watching a tape of said activity.

It would only help if the NRA threw their support behind cops sued for shooting thugs. Would you support that?
Maybe call it "Cops Against Gang Thugs"?
-1 # EPGAH3 2013-01-31 16:30
Yes, they're afraid, they're afraid of lawsuits from the NAACP, rightsworkinggr oup, the ACLU, and God knows who else, as has happened anytime someone tried to clean up the thugs on the streets.

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