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Cell Phones while Driving and Guns in our Cities Is Banning Then the Solution?

Written by Richard Kane   
Sunday, 30 December 2012 02:27
Many are killed or injured by drivers on a cell phone, some even on the Internet. If phones in cars were illegal outside of being locked in the trunk, there would be fewer traffic deaths not only in the US, but in Europe and Asia as well.

Clearly if there were no guns in this world there wouldn’t be gun deaths. Places that has successfully outlawed most private use of guns like England have far fewer gun deaths.

So the question is, what about the situation in a car where almost everyone agrees there is an emergency need for a cell phone? There is less agreement about there being an the emergency use of a private gun. However there are a few raw situations such as an elderly man repeatedly robbed of his Social Security check by intruders until one day when they came he fired a newly obtained gun in their direction and they ran away.

Cars could be equipped with cell phones on emergency frequency with a charge of $5 a minute for phone calls and when using it in an emergency just fill out a report on the emergency and get your charge debited back to your account.

By the way there could be free phone calls when a car isn't moving.

Gun owners could pay a $1000 bond and keep their guns in smart boxes chained to their beds and carry with them when they are awake, like having a briefcase or back pack or with a tiny pistol, a side pack. The box would have a fingerprint lock on it so a principle or even a few teachers would have the box with them and every time they clicked it open in a gun free area simply fill out an emergency report and have their $1000 bound debited back to their account.

The NRA and a lot of gun owners keep talking about a Constitutional right to a militia. Why not a real militia like in Switzerland where every adult who qualifies would be able to join their particular state's militia like the Ohio National guard and take a government issued automatic gun home with them. And when they retire the automatic parts of the gun taken off the gun and they retire with their personal gun with them, as in Switzerland, where it is illegal to upgrade a gun to make it more powerful or fire more rounds.

Back to cells phones, all phones could be equipped with an emergency mode where the announcement would be, unless the user changed it, 'This phone on emergency mode leave a 30 second message, if you are still on the phone the phone will ring'. Many would keep the phone on emergency to get a little peace and quiet and a tella-marketer would have to be concerned about being sued if a real emergency occurred in a car while they were calling.

In America we love arguing hot button issues as the rich get richer at a ever faster pace. But the liberal side won the hot button issues in the last election, won to the point that conservatives are discouraged from fighting any more. But suddenly guns have been added to the mix giving the conservative side a boost so an elderly social security recipient can lose their cost of living increase and others lose their food stamps while we argue gun control. your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-12-31 10:00
For starters even this month insurance companies could teem up with cell phone companies for free car phone service when the car is still and 50 cents a minute while moving and customers who sign up would start with a $ 3 or $4 a month reduction in their insurance rate.
With guns gun groups could team up with smart box fingerprint locking companies to push the lock boxes, and an alarm go off at a central office is the smart controls are messed with.

If it was a far less of a crime for an illegal gun to be locked up even many criminals would have them keeping many guns away from armature more trigger happy criminals.

If one had to make a report every time the gun was unlocked in a no gun area, there would be a concerted effort got the technologist to put the fingerprint controls right on the gun to make a need for less reports.
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2017-04-24 10:22
Some now want the government to prevent phone and texting in moving cars,

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