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How and when scooter became a micro-mobility revolution

Written by TattaNech   
Sunday, 27 June 2021 20:46

electric scooter rideoo

Since the 20th century, cities all over the world have become congested to impressive levels due to population sprawl. This kind of crisis has undoubtedly affected the way many people get around, and micro-mobility has emerged as a revolutionary solution.

The truth is that many people do not like driving, as it can become a very unpleasant and stressful experience. For this reason, means of transportation such as bicycles or scooters have revolutionized the transportation industry in dense urban populations.

What is micro-mobility?

Micro-mobility is a term to define a class of products consisting of bicycles, electric bicycles, electric skateboards, electric scooters, which are designed not to exceed 28 miles per hour.

This term has evolved over the years and today, micro-mobility has become a solution to combat the typical transportation problems that can be seen in congested cities and in developed countries.

When did the scooter become a micro-mobility revolution?

There is no exact date as an answer to this question; however, for a little more than a decade, large investments have been seen in this market since the irruption of these electric vehicles.

With the arrival of these electric vehicles, the most important cities in the world are beginning to appreciate micro-mobility even more, as a solution to combat traffic problems or environmental pollution. Riding in these transports is more fun for many people who do not like to drive cars or motorcycles.

Why the Scooter?

These means of transport contribute to a significant reduction of gasoline cars and contribute to the environment. Besides, this kind of vehicle represents the term "intuitive mobility", which means that these vehicles are easy to drive.

On the other hand, the design of these electric vehicles helps to reduce ownership and parking costs; which can often be exaggerated or almost prohibitive for many people. Other reasons to consider scooters a revolution within the industry and micro-mobility are as follows:

  • They are ideal for short trips.
  • They are more efficient than many traditional means of transportation.
  • Even though they are legally regulated not to exceed certain speed limits, they are not a slow mode of transportation as many people believe.
  • They take up less space than traditional means of transport.
  • The rental cost is more economical than renting a car or paying for a cab service.
  • Their riding is more fun and they are designed to be driven by people of different ages.

A growing market

Micro-mobility is a market with a lot of potentials, which is predicted to exceed $300 billion by 2030. It has the potential to disrupt the industry and the lifestyle of many of us who live in a city.

It is not important if it is in South America, Asia, Europe or North America, more and more governments are adapting their laws to integrate this class of vehicles;  undoubtedly, scooters are a real antidote to the excessive traffic congestion in cities, pollution, as well as an affordable alternative for those who cannot afford to buy a car. your social media marketing partner
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