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writing for godot

What Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, etc., Need to Say When Questioned From Now On :

Friday, 23 December 2011 21:30
Manning and Assange, and by extension, all of us, need to stop being defensive once and for all! Let's all take back our freedom of speech by refusing to answer ANY questions! Let's UNDO the FALSE AUTHORITY of SOCIALLY AND CULTURALLY CONSTRUCTED "LAW". Let's stop ALL AUTHORITY, AUSTERITY AUTHORITY TO PATRIARCHICAL-MATRIARCHICAL, etc.! Let's even stop all SOCIAL AND CULTURAL authority and LAW or, more correctly F-LAW, (the LAW that "F____s", too!

Let's go "ALL THE WAY" and do "it" like Frank Sinatra who did it "MY WAY"! We need to start small, Let's all refuse to be even socially defensive, or, in "politically correct" terms, let's all begin to refuse to be "POLITE"! When someone asks you "How are you?" say to them "The world be a wonderful place if instead of asking questions, we all just stated our feelings!" With some practice, we could all be ready for when the authorities question us, because that is mostly what even our nieghbors and even our families, too are, or will soon become, namely, almost everyone is becoming the police,THE THOUGHT POLICE!

Let's look at what, if anything, we have to lose: There is the sheerest VENEER of civility left in the entire world. EVERYONE is SEETHING within,(of course this will be denied by media especially MSM, the ILLUNINATI, sheeple, etc.) It HAS to be just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose, so we might as well know in advance what is going to happen, and prepare for it.

While most people (really "sheeple") will be RE_ACTING", some of us can be PRO ACTIVE. Since we all are about to have our freedoms taken away, with the indefinite detention, SOPA, etc., and, most importantly since few of us are really LIVING, REGARDLESS of the money, fame, power, property, status, etc. that we THINK we have, our money, fame, power, property, staus, etc., HAS us! We are all, or most of us, any wy, held hostages to a LIMITED life!

We are all mostly just doing a PERFORMANCE OF "LIVING"! Let's at least enjoy our freedoms while we can and let's make use of the most important freedoms we have left before they, too, are taken away: IMHO these most important freedoms (after basic survival, of course) are the freedom to love and the freedom of humor.

Few of us REALLY love today, instead our love HAS us, we just accept the PERFORMANCE (and, at that it is usually the PORNIFICATION OF FORCE, the pornification of the performance of sexuality, that is thought to be what will satisfy, when the commodification limits what is sought namely the transcendence of ABSOLUTE love. In other words, what is exchanged, the commodification of/ for love, is a QUANTITY OF PERFORMANCE instead of a freedom, a transcendence of/for love.

Fewer still really HAVE humor, we have mostly all lost and refuse to take any risks to FIND our lost sense of humor.( Most Comedians today are afraid to be SPONTANEOUSLY funny, they all, or mostly all, self censor, or need to get drunk or high on drugs in order to take the risks involved in daring to be "politically incorrect"! You are more likely to hear the truth, the SPONTANEOUS and simultaneously, funny truth from those "locked up" in mental institutions, and or prison or among the homeless on the street, because they are the ones who have zero left to lose, so they can and do have access to THE TRUTH, THE SPONTANEOUS, ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

Let's make all authority, stating with the bully authority that IS the family, have to deal with the consequences of their bullying: let's assign a "SPEAKER OF THE TRUTH", a loving and humorous SPOKESPERSON for/to each and every newborn infant. At the Hospital, or in the home, wherever birthing takes place (recall that in times of slavery, a slave gave birth in the fields and may have just been given enough time to bite the umbilical cord and tie it and maybe nurse the infant, before they had to get back to picking cotton), the spokesperson will prevent the Dr., etc., from spanking, tapping, pinching the infant and will let the infant have infant agency to decide to breathe to enter this hell on earth. If the Dr. forces the child to breath that is just a model for the rest of the force that will follow the infants "life". If the infant chooses to breathes on their own, then the infants begins living with agency instead of mere reacting.

The spokesperson will follow the infant home, to speak on the childs behalf, whenever, for instance, there is the slightest chance that a voice may be beginnining to be raised in the infants presence. If there is stress in the family due to economics, etc., the spokesperson will remind the parents that as long as they are still alive, they at least have that to be grateful for, because the spokespersons know that what causes tensions and stresses are PERCEIVING that a QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUE , like any worry about the future, is an ILLUSION that is MISTAKEN as a LIFE OR DEATH ISSUE, when what is MOST important is raising the infant in as peaceful, kind, loving and HUMOROUS an environment as possible! All these spokespersons will have a PASSION for their careers instead of loking at teir careers as mere "occupations"(AKA "job" but without the negative duty-guilt involved)and, perhaps, eventually there will, in this way, be full employment provided throughout the world.

While this concept for the new generations is being developed, what we all can do immediately, is begin to show Manning and Assange (hope their lawyers are reading and listening, too) how to avoid being defensive. Let's all "turn the tables" on authority in all shapes, forms! When we answer our telephones, instead of asking hello with a question in our voice about who is calling, let's all answer our phones with "MAKE ME LAUGH", or someting similar! Let's let everyone know that we will only communicate if there is something in it FOR us! Let's also all consider going on strike: Lets all just go to bed and sleep, because we all need to recuperate from the POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER that was our childhoods! So what if nothing gets done, that is what is happening ayway, more or less! your social media marketing partner
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