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WikiLeaks May Bring World Peace

Written by Richard Kane   
Sunday, 09 January 2011 15:50
Something amazing happened. Meir Dagan head of the Mossad retired and said that Iran wouldn’t be a nuclear threat until 2015.

Year after year Meir Dagan has been hysterical on Iran. This is more amazing than Rev. Pat Robertson suddenly saying he didn’t want people jailed for marijuana possession. What could have happened?

I have a possible answer. What if he retired without WikiLeaks showing that Sunni Arab countries seem to be more upset with Iran than they are with Israel? Saudi Arabia actually asking the Iranian nuclear development sites be bombed by the US. If this didn’t come out he might, if made the same statement, retired to a mental hospital.

Israel believed before WikiLeaks that Iran was systematically trying to get Israel destroyed. Now all of the sudden the world is beginning to realize that Iran is desperately trying to win the hearts and minds of the Sunni masses. Attempting to go over the heads of their leaders. Trying to challenge Israel just enough to get support on the street in Sunni lands without actually getting in a war with Israel.

Every once in a while I hear the claim war is caused by misunderstanding, and it seemed a little too hollow of a thought to contemplate much on. But if Israel falsely believed that Ahmadinejad’s focus on life was stopping Israel, when it actually is the Sunni-Shiite divide and what he can do and say to make Sunni Muslims believe that Shiites belong, then realizing this could change Israel’s feelings about being cornered.

Meir Dagan discovered that what Israel thought was their number one enemy wasn’t. I can’t document all this, but is there any other explanation?

Even if I got some of the details wrong I can’t see how Wikileaks didn’t in some way relate to Meir Dagan’s retirement statements.

In the 1940's the West had broken Germany’s secret code. We now question whether even Pearl Harbor and the burning of Coventry by the Nazis was kept secret for National Security purposes. Hitler decided to stop bombing London, and bomb elsewhere instead, but the British people weren’t told. A significant debate over 9/11 was whether the CIA had not to inform the FBI became they thought they weren’t allowed to or whether the CIA, and of course Cheney, was carefully interpreting the rules in such a tight way in order to let a new Pearl Harbor happen.

By the way I had written quite critically on WilkiLeaks before Meir Dagan’s retirement statements. This is a sincere change of viewpoint on my part.

I would like to look further into areas where war might be caused by misunderstandings, but I hardly know where to begin. Maybe someone could explain more or post links on the subject.

Maybe off the subject I wonder what happened in Pat Robertson’s life that lead him to oppose jail sentences for marijuana users?

Thanks to WilkiLeaks the world can deal with reality again. But if we don’t get peace right away, the secrecy could get even worse as nations limit their discussion with the US and internally to keep what they consider the paparazzo away. Let’s build on the truth toward world peace while we can. Meir Dagan and Israel please reveal how much of my speculation you think is true. If Pat Robertson can ask that marijuana possessors not be jailed, Israel can take a meaningful step toward world peace.

I can be reached at
or just post misunderstands as a cause for war, or certain wars, here your social media marketing partner
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