Faux PTSD and Faux Consciousness

Friday, 16 May 2014 12:48
I had to try hard to stop myself from laughing out loud (I managed to pretend I was coughing lol) at an academic conference when I heard the title of a presentation: VICARIOUS PTSD, Secondary PTSD or COMPASSION FATIGUE! It is hysterical because you MUST ACTUALLY, PHYSICALLY
experience trauma,, otherwise the closest to trauma you can come is FAUX TRAUMA, an (as if ) "phantom experience". Such an As if PHANTOM EXPEEIENCE, is AS IF because YOU HAVE YET TO EVEN EXPERIENCE YOU, and you ARE the phantom experience because you are yet to be aware of the difference between PERFORMANCES AND EXPERIENCES! You may PERFORM as a "you", an is if human you, but "you" are robotic, on auto pilot with various identities, living your "as if" phaantom life for you, and in place of you, the real you, the you with consciousness in place of or in addition to identitiy. PTSD and the entire medical/pharmacological corporatocracy support of PTSD, I am saying is a huge fraud!

Instead of continuing diagnoses, etc., of PTSD, and all it's offshoots, we need to engage the "stressed out" person so totally that the "stress" is seen as something relative, instead of absolute.
Too often people with all levels of stress, depression, etc., mistake what is relative for something that is absolute. Suicide or attempts at suicide often follow. How can people become aware of the difference between relative and absolute if they have convinced themselves that what they are feeling IS absolute? We can do this with a show called "Is it Traunma or Is it Drama.Imagine a show that focuses on the difference between issues that are life and death and issues that are everything else BUT LIFE AND DEATH. For instance can one live, can one survive with HOPELESSNESS? What is hopelessness after all" IT IS JUST A WORD! I would first ask someone who says 'I am hopeless!" who they are. When they said their name I would ask them if their name IS who they are. Imagine if we are all more than our names, and are we all MORE than our reputations? What other IDENTITIES are indoctrinated upon us? Are we someone's daughter, son, mother, father, aunt, uncle? Is this name and this family identity ALL that we are., or are we more than our family identity? Are we all more than our family reputation? Are we all just citizen of a certain country, are we just a certain ethnicity, race, gender., religion, etc., or are we all more than the country and the country's reputation, ethnicity, race, gender, religion,and so on.

If our hopelessness was in our name, our family, our country, our ethnicity, race, gender, religion, etc., can we imagine changing or even transcending names, families, countries, ethnicities, races, genders, religions , identities? Lets imagine and virtually choose a name, any name for our CONSCIOUSNESS. This is renaming, re-birthing, re-validating, RE-IDENTIFYING ourselves as consciousness identities.
Imagine that we could virtually get to CHOOSE CONSCIOUSNESS PARENT IDENTITIES AND NAME THEM! And the same for all our various identities: We could choose a consciousness country, then name it. We could choose a consciousness race, then name it, etc. This would be a PERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS EXPERIENCE FOR US ALL, almost like "VIVID DREAMING" instead of a game OR A PERFORMANCE. Perhaps, though we need PRACTICE to lead up to such a new CONSCIOUSNESS EXPERIENCE.We could all PRACTICE with a "REALITY" or PRE_CONSCIOUSNESS reality show called: Is it Trauma or is it Drama? Contestants would be challenged to be open and openly emotionally vulnerable (without any physical vulnerability included at all. All contestents would do their best to avoid being emotionally defensive,(emotional defensiveness would be measured by their communicating in terms of relative amounts of ego and/or drama, as opposed to emotional vulnerability being measured by their communicating in terms of consciousness (absolute self validity). As soon as a contestant says anything that has even the slightest detectable elements of drama and ego, (defensiveness) they would be disqualified from consciousness experience and would have to return to their Phantom as if life PERFORMANCES because they are unready for consciousness, so they must leave the show. Who would even attempt to go on such a show? We see versions of this all the time, it would be a kind of consciousness intervention. (Dr. Phil and Judge Judy would be great first consciousness "contestants" lol

The consciousness contestants would tell about their perceived struggles, from struggle to stress to trauma. Documentation could also be permitted but with an awareness that documents can be falsified, mis-interpreted, etc. Special consciousness sensors would listen to the details of their perceptions and question them, and if the consciousness contestants became at all defensive, (ie say a contestestant says "what do you mean it is a perception, it is a fact!) then the judges would determine that instead of any struggle at all, it was drama. Real struggle, even up to and including real stress and/or trauma would be determined to have existed ONLY if the consciousness contestant communicated REAL SPONTANEOUS GRATITUDE for the struggle, stress to trauma. The consciousness sensors would be specially selected for their ability to detect even the slightest ego and/or drama coming from the consciousness contestant by a special kind of "defensiveness sensitivity test". This would be similar to an expanded lie detection technique. The consciousness sensors would be uniquely qualified by an ability to detect and/or provoke, etc., emotional defensiveness. GRATITUDE for all struggle, stress to trauma, namely an awareness based on reflection and the communication of how the struggle, stress to trauma has BENEFITED the consciousness contestant, would be the key to "winning" CONSCIOUSNESS EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATION, etc., on "Is it Trauma or Is It Drama". (There might be a Consciousness run-oof, a last consciousness standing-or levitating finals" Such a show, or shows, would champion the emergence of AUTHENTIC CONSCIOUSNESS IDENTITY, CHARACTER, PERSONALITY, maybe even absolute consciousness communication, i.e., absolute instead of RELATIVE, i.e.,derived, self defeating communication, may be a result.

Perhaps we need such a show for all of us to become aware of the
difference between having drama and ego, how we all take life for
granted, etc., instead of having gratitude for just being alive. Such
a show would make people aware that the poor, and also the disabled
(and the disabled poor most of all) have to deal with life or death
survival issues. They are the ones who are confronted with the
bullying of society and the bullying of culture, and of law, because
their poverty and/or disability makes them vulnerable and they are the
brunt of symbolic and actual violence. With such a show, the poor and the disabled and the vulnerable would become aware of their resiliency and their adaptive and creative strengths. It would help these individuals to see that their resiliency and their entrepreneurial creativity is valid, if only to themselves. There's been vicarious identification with vulnerable individuals since recorded history, namely the WORK of the poor and the disabled that must be done to SURVIVE. However, instead of attributing their survival as being positive, their survival experiences have been constructed by society and culture to be shameful and relegated to ourmostly denied "dark sides". These "dark sides" of all of us are exploited with impunity by the consciouslessness "powers that be". Such a show would help us all to BE (an absolute instead of) a (relative) consciousness experience to ourselves and an ABSOLUTE instead of a RELATIVE personality to ourselves, and would help us all to become aware of how, too often, ego and drama PERFORMANCE takes the place of consciousness EXPERIENCE.

As a result of participating in this show we can all begin to BE our own CONSCIOUSNESS OF EXPERIENCE because we can transcend our ego and drama and we will be able to tell the difference between ANYTHING that is a PERFORMANCE. Performance ALWAYS has comparisons and competitions, subjective judgments, etc., involved) vs. anything that is A CONSCIOUSNESS EXPERIENCE (where one's CONSCIOUSNESS VALIDITY is absolute and all attempts to qualify, quantify, or LIMIT one's CONSCIOUSNESS experience by any type of COMMUNICATION at all is viewed as a LIMITED PERFORMANCE, instead of a LIMITLESS consciousness experience.

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