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Will There Be a Law Suit Filed Retroactively Against Ron Paul, MD for Spanking 3,000 kids?

Saturday, 14 April 2012 10:27
Do we ALL need to recover from SOCIETY? From almost the first moment that we are born we are subjected to force. This usually begins when we are spanked into breathing our first breath. This violence is taken as a necessity. What might out lives be like if we could all go back and have a "re-do" starting with our births?

What if we could all do a kind of self "guided imagery" and go through a kind of retroactive re-birthing? Imagine that you are about to be spanked and your father, etc., rushes into the operating room and goes over to the doctor delivering you. Let's imagine the obstitrician is Ron Paul, MD!

Your father grabs Dr. Pauls hand as he is about to spank you: Wait: if you spank my child I will sue you"! A debate between your father and Dr. Paul begins: Dr paul says "I have to spank the infant, or the infant will die. The father says " There are alternatives to force, place the infant in cold water"!

Imagine that while Dr. Paul and your father are arguing, you, turning blue from hypoxia, finally let out a laugh, by some miracle or progeria, perhaps, and you say, "I was considering witholding my breath because of all this fighting and arguing, and then I thought well I can just be alive and tell you all what idiots you all are to fight!

Dr. Ron Paul, and your dad have undergone a paradigm shift, and Dr. Ron Paul goes on to deliver babies without ever spanking them and runs and wins the 2012 US Presidency and your mom and dad brings you home and instead of EVER raising their hand to hit you, they are preeminently peaceful and cheerful without ever needing to use an angry tone of voice!

They home school you, and you live a delightful life with love, humor, and kindness and serenity all around you. President Ron Paul begins his Presidency in January 2013 with his first presidential edict: All babies are to be delivered without ANY i.e., spanking violence, and the USA becomes the model for the rest of the world to raise the first generation of children that are loveable to themeselves, and the entire world begins to change into ABSOLUTE lovability! your social media marketing partner
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