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The E.U Referendum Vote: Vote OUT of the European Bureaucratic Machine

Sunday, 08 May 2016 22:40
I have some points which I consider to be of utmost relevance and importance for people to understand before they vote in the E.U Referendum. I believe that if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union that many budget savings can be made, Britain would be more secure and prosperous, and it is damaging that both the UK's Labour and Conservative political parties are using the media to brainwash the public with pro-E.U propaganda rhetoric, and that those political parties are ignoring the pro-OUT information which people will need to make an educated vote. Recently the UK's Conservative government delivered millions of pamphlets to houses to argue remaining in the EU, which only covered any theoretical positives. The pamphlet includes some incredibly complex modern mathematical formulas from the Treasury, which nearly nobody can understand- it is the perfect con-trick, to throw equations and mathematics aat a person without providing access to how those formulas were established.

In an attempt to cover the pro-OUT of the European Union subject I have compiled many of the issues we already know about, and argue other points into why Britain would be better off leaving the European Union.

a) Britain will stop huge amounts of people arriving from the E.U which would reduce costs to the NHS, education budget, benefits budget (JSA, ESA, DLA, Housing Benefits), emergency benefit payments and other social security benefit budgetary costs. More jobs will go to British citizens, many jobs already held by E.U citizens will still be valid and legal, and people will still be able to apply to live and work in Britain rather than 'first-come-first-served' system that Britain currently utilizes. More housing will become available, meaning less pressure on families and students looking for accomodation. Britain needs to build more housing, but if we have a huge influx of E.U migrants, then that new and existing housing will be rented by non-British citizens and the problems will remain. Britain needs to to focus for a few years on making sure the public has good, secure housing and is not placed on ever-growing housing/council lists.

b) It is estimated that the European Union yearly membership fee for Britain to pay is somewhere in the region of £50 million per day, with an estimated £20 million gained from trade and other incentives back from the European Union - which means a £30 million per day loss is what Britain currently faces. If Britain leaves the European Union, the £50 million per day will be saved, which would give the British Parliament more finances to allocate to other incentives, some of which will directly go to services or improving the effective management of demands placed on Local Councils and boroughs. Britain could also still negotiate with any European country or other nations to create new incentives or deals which will not mean too much time is wasted by UK's MEP's in the E.U Parliament.

c) Britain will no longer be bound by E.U Parliament rules, regulations or legislative requirements, meaning that more time can be spent dealing with UK Parliamentary legislation and incentives. I believe that as Britain is a non-Euro currency member of the European Parliament that Britain is at a massive disadvantage - secret deals and 'off the books' handshake deals within E.U countries/ private company lobbying within the E.U Parliament means that E.U member States have a better chance of getting their deals, where Britain is not able to intervene.

i) In short what I am suggesting is that massive corruption within the member States of the E.U is eroding the fair and balanced aims and goals of the E.U system, and it is likely that such a scale of corruption will one day be the crux of how deals and incentives are finalized within the E.U Parliament, and Britain would do better than to be a part of that warped system, which initially started in good faith but has slowly fallen into the hands of the 'pyramid'-style business circles, lobbyists and 'secret-hand-shake' deals. It is impossible to provide any true figures on how much corruption exists, or the level of money changing hands within E.U member State MEP's, but to think it does not exist would be ignorant and dangerous to Britain. It is likely that the unique business/lobbyist systems within the E.U wil control how the E.U Parliament operates in the near future, in fact it is possible that such a 'pyramid' of corruption already exists.

ii) The 'scare-mongers' which we are hearing from are often echoing what lobbyists and business-circles within the E.U have pushed out, because to them Britain is a rich country which benefits them from our E.U membership fees and other perks. The problem is not a joke, and I will give a shocking example of how criminal entities can get their foot into politics to enrich themselves furthur. It is well known that Europe has a big problem with 'crystal-meth amphetamine' , the gangs and criminal entities are tied into big business, and money flows between them via the dreaded 'bitcoin' and other electronic 'digital currency' systems which are untraceable and which are greatly used by criminals and even terrorist groups. There is no need to guess what damage those criminal/big business circles are capable of doing with political power, and so far Britain has mostly avoided the 'crystal-meth' trend which is most dominant in Europe. It is one good example of what kind of entities are doing to pull strings, having big capital to make things happen, and to get their foot into politics within the E.U.

d) I believe that the E.U is a risk of being swamped by such criminal circles within a decade due to the bitcoin and secret cash deals which corrupt decision making within the E.U. Even a terrorist group could exploit the E.U system to sway decision on immigration, where decisions on numbers of people arriving to the E.U will go in favour of never capping the amounts of people into Europe- and Britain will find it very difficult to control the numbers of people arriving into Britain because as a member of the E.U we cannot fight the majority of MEP's in Europe who are either too 'equal-rights' leaning, corrupt or simply too ambitious about how many refugees/migrants that the E.U system is capable of paying for. Britain can still accept refugees if Britain leaves the E.U, but at a level which is decided by UK Parliament and not the E.U Parliament. I believe in helping genuine refugees, but not the migrant 'opportunists' who are simply using fake passports to enter the E.U to get social security and use clever legal loopholes and lawyers to get them ahead of genuine refugees. Human rights agencies are often biased to specific nationalities, and the million people arriving from Syria are mainly Arabic Muslims, whereas many other genuine potential refugees of African origin are not able to get their cases heard because of the huge amounts of people arriving from the Middle East.

e) To conclude, Britain has always had a reasonably good relationship with European nations, and good incentives, deals and opportunities will always arise if Britain leaves the E.U - but Britain is in the grip of powerful E.U laws which have been created by biased leanings and pressure from E.U-dominated business circles and lobbyists, be it honest legal entities or lobbyists which might have criminal affiliations. Britain needs a new start, to create a future where Britain is in control of law-making, trade deals, the social security and housing system. Britain deserves a better deal, but the E.U Parliament is not going to guarantee a better future for Britain- it is more likely that E.U legislation and deals will continue to improve E.U countries which Britain's taxpayers are automatically contributing towards. I do not believe Britain leaving the E.U would collapse the value of the British pound, markets usually 'shuffle their papers and accounts' to 'iron-out' any fluctuations, and so the pound sterling will be the same value whether we leave the E.U or not.

We have to fight the scare-mongers and make sure the public learns the points mentioned above, or the public will vote without real knowledge of how the E.U has become a bureaucratic mess, an uncontrollable monster of corruption and unfair deals and legally-binding wranglings which will not benefit Britain but only empower the majority of the E.U nations, businesses and often criminal affiliates. Even the UK's intelligence services are now pushing the rhetoric that Britain will be safer within the EU and that Britain OUT of the EU might lead to war and might strengthen terrorism - those are the scare tactics that we need to ignore. The establishment parties and media are utilizing scare-tactic propaganda... at it's finest.

Britain's intelligence services have to maintain the same security regardless of which club that Britain belongs to. If anything, Britain can spend far more on security and intelligence if it saved billions of pounds each year in E.U membership fees. All European nations will maintain the same level of co-operation when it comes to security and counter-terrorism, no European nation would turn their backs in ignorant stupidity when it would impact on the safety of their own people. OUT of the E.U does not mean a third-world war, nor economic collapse- it means a new chance to get Britain back on track, and then decide what the European Union and other countries have got to offer BRITAIN. your social media marketing partner
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