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The European Migrant and Refugee Exodus- Humanity Vs Chaotic Religious Ideology

Sunday, 20 September 2015 02:34

Refugees and migrants have become the news story of the year, with news networks pushing out a constant barrage of reports, many of which are simply sad and disturbing. We are seeing women and children among thousand flowing through Europe's country borders, often being squashed as they and crowds of others push through Police and troop barriers, crossing into neighbouring countries. Over half a million have crossed the perilous journey across the Middle East, piling into small boats at the ocean and sailing onto Europe, and refugee smugglers are taking advantage of the exodus by charging thousands of Euros for each person. Some of those smugglers are terrorists, making money for their own twisted mission and needs. While most of the refugees make it safely to Europe, there are potentially hundreds or thousands which would have drowned at sea, the boats would have been sunk by huge waves, throwing people into the ocean. This is nothing new- such perilous journeys have been going on for decades, and Europe has taken in tens of millions of people from the Middle East and Africa over many decades, and European nations have somehow managed to cope with providing housing, financial support, social security benefits, charity, medical access and schooling for refugees and migrants. Many migrants have studied at Universities, found employment, started their own businesses, or become part of Governments, councils and hold top jobs across European countries.

There are war refugees, who flee regions in conflict around the World, who escape third-world countries, dictatorships which prevent democracy from flourishing, which hold back whole communities in poverty and famine. Others are escaping terrorist factions such as ISIS/ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Boko Haram. They don't have any real wealth, nor many skills apart from perhaps farming and building skills, some have been lucky enough to receive some education, can speak very basic-level English, whereas many economic refugees have achieved University graduate-level certificates, and seek employment, better wages and a more secure environment to live in. The media will tell you all this, yet very few media outlets will broadcast much on the dark side of the refugee crisis- the fact that terrorist entities have made big gains in their mission to infiltrate European nations, to control the Muslim communities who flee them. Britain saw the radical preachers rise to fame, thanks to media coverage of their extreme sermons, where mainly young Muslim men are brainwashed in Mosques and in the streets of the United Kingdom. The truly extreme preachers within the Islamic communities cannot simply be stopped- they sit and wait for more refugees to arrive, knowing that ISIS or Al-Qaeda are hiding among them, bringing with them more young recruits. With social media, the job of the radical preachers has been easier and more secretive, more difficult for authorities to monitor and eradicate. This year one million refugees and migrants are estimated to arrive in Europe, and it is also estimated that two percent of those will be terrorists who arrive under the guise of being desperate refugees.

Europe is facing something unprecedented- not a slow and gradual influx of migrants from other countries as has been the case in the past, but an uncontrolled rush of people entering European nations within a very short time, and it is likely that the trend will continue for years to come. Very quickly those arriving in Europe will settle down, start families -and the population will rise in many areas of Europe very quickly. No European nation could have prepared for such an uncontrolled exodus of people. If one Middle East nation is in war, then we can only make a very rough estimate of how many people will flee that country, because with those refugees will come the opportunist economic refugees, and numbers of those travelling to Europe could double, triple or quadruple. We should be accepting those women and children and the elderly and disabled, helping them as much as possible, yet European nations are being labelled as 'oppressive' and 'inept' and 'non-caring' in the way that they are dealing with the exodus. Europe has always cared a lot for refugees and migrants- it is the very few places in the World where refugees can expect the help that they seek, yet mainstream media wants to play the 'guilt card', to make EU leaders the objects of ridicule and attack. The EU, Britain and America has spent tens of billions of Euros, dollars and pound sterling spent on improving services, giving social security payments, building housing and providing everything to help refugees over many decades, and all that is simply left out of media attack articles that they publish, making it look as if other nations are simply right-wing dominated migrant hate zones.

Back in February of 2015, ISIS made a claim that they wanted to cause the refugee crisis, to force five hundred thousand people to flee the Middle East, to then send their own supporters and jihadis among the refugees, and we should have no doubt that ISIS or Al-Qaeda have done that. Muslims who built a life over many decades in Europe are at risk of losing their freedoms to the oppressive extreme version of Islam that ISIS wants to export to Europe, with the old-fashioned views on women and where human rights are not adhered to. Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel quickly vowed to allow all refugees into the country, which other EU nations have condemned, because refugees and migrants now see Germany as the only place where they might have a chance to live, and there is the big risk that they will fight each other to get to Germany, to be the first into Germany and get the housing, benefits, employment and new life. We have already seen riots, rape and attacks at refugee camps, authorities attacked while they hand out food and water to migrants and refugees, borders trashed. Most European nations have existed without such militant groups, in contrast to the Middle East where practically every household would have an AK-47 or other weapon.

We have seen a few videos of migrants throwing stones and rocks at authorities at train stations and at borders of EU nations, many migrants have been trying to occupy buses and trains to go where they want without being supervised or controlled. The climate of the Middle East in the last 5 years has been 'The Arab Spring'- the fever that has spread across the Middle East against their oppressive political and religious class, and the anger within people in the Middle East is thick and overpowering, and young men growing up in Mid East nations are bringing their determined anger with them, pushing aside borders and authorities, almost arrogantly assuming that they have the right to travel where they want to, regardless.
The true refugees who need help are those whose towns and cities have been taken over by ISIS and Al-Qaeda, but they are not the militant-types, they are the scared and weak, and they are at risk of being pushed aside by the opportunist economic refugees, the ISIS and Al-Qaeda supporters. Just as in any other society, the weak lose out to the arrogant stronger in society who are naturally more aggressive and know that walking over others can actually take them to the top- big financial companies are run by the most ruthless who have no regrets in squashing the competition, as long as they remain in control and have the power to call the shots.

The 'Western' world has grown up only seeing the violence and chaos of other nations, and to some degree we are de-sensitized to how it looks, to the point where people are neutral when seeing the chaos in their own countries- we do not fear such huge numbers of people as much as we should, because the Middle East has hundreds of millions of people, and we cannot estimate just how many will continue to flee to Europe. we might well see fifty million arrive in Europe over the next ten years, and many of those fifty million will start families of their own, or adopt family within the Middle East to their care. Europe has to scramble for billions more Euros to pay for more housing, more medical services, more Policing, more surveillance, more schools and colleges to cope with the tens of millions potentially on their way to Europe, yet if European nations do just that, then it is an advert to the world that Europe will always be a place to flee to, and it is not going to fix the problems that the third world and Middle East have in their own countries. Middle East nations need to sort out their own problems, to unite against the terrorist factions that are making huge problems- yet it is more likely that the political class are more than happy to see people flee, because it means that there will be many millions less people to support- they see it as population reduction, so we probably won't see Middle East nations improve their security, nor improve their cities or towns, knwing that they will see a massive, sudden population reduction, and many areas of the Middle East are in conflict, where hard-line religious factions have the upper hand, and are counting on people fleeing their regions.

The richest nations in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait don't want permanent refugees, and Lebanon has become the single nation to take in most of the Syrian refugees- yet those refugees are only using Lebanon as a stepping-stone, and although they are far safer in Lebanon, they are choosing to keep moving on from the refugee camps in Lebanon, and to travel through Turkey and into Europe. Genuine refugees escaping war are losing their argument because of the opportunist economic refugees, many of which have skills and qualifications, and know that if they get to Europe first, then they will get the help first. Passposrt and identification papers of many non-war refugees have been found at EU borders, and there is a black market of passports and I.D's for economic migrants. ISIS recently claimed that they found nearly four thousand blank Syrian passports at a seized Government building in the Syrian town of Raqqa, and the fear is that those passports will be handed out to the most loyal supporters of ISIS, and then those supporters will travel to Europe in their hundreds or thousands. What western nations do not see on the news are the thousands of radical preachers who are fiercely anti-Christian, anti-European and anti-Western, who are pepping up the masses, preparing them for jihad. What we don't know is just which militant jihad groups have specific agendas to attack European nations, and we might we see the next generation of Muslims in Europe carry out numerous attacks. People who are simply sympathetic to the genuine refugees are choosing to forget just how determined the extreme side of Islam has been to make progress in Europe over the past decade. We can largely blame the Iraq War for the mess that the Middle East is in today, but America is no longer the problem in the Middle East- the problems lie fair and squarely on the political class in those nations, and only they can improve their nations, create better opportunities for their people, crush the extreme and violent religious class that wants the Middle East and Europe to be one huge region of hard-line-controlled Muslims. Most Muslims are under the living through an era of being held back by the old-fashioned Islamic world, and wanting a better life in modern, civilized and democratic nations. Many Muslims just want their own nations to be as successful and peaceful as Europe.

The World is sleep-walking into apathy, ignorance and sympathy for people who they do not know, many people assume that anyone who is calling for strict border controls are merely oppressive or racist, inhumane or evil. Those people need to re-focus, to study up on the many aspects of the current exodus of people into Europe, to refresh their memory and knowledge, to remember what extremists managed to do to New York, USA on 9/11, in London, England on 7/7 , in Madrid, in France at Charlie Hebdo news publications, the lone-wolf attacker who killed 30 British tourists at a holiday resort in Tunisia, to remember the four hundred people killed by Al-Qaeda's car bombs every day in the Iraq war. These are very dangerous times for Europe, very testing of people's patience, expensive and difficult to co-ordinate the assistance of so many people. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it is possible that Europe will be altered over the next few years, to either become able to cope, or totally out of control with violence and conflict, with troops on the streets of European nations, attempting to safe-guard the cities and towns that have existed for centuries but which could be beaten down by terror within a few years. Europe's political class has to ensure the safety and prosperity of Europe, to accommodate for existing EU citizens and not play the saints of charity while in the cross-hairs of dangerous religious ideological Islam and potential chaos. your social media marketing partner
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