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Rising Above ISIS, Godless Corporate Capitalism, and the War System

Written by Dr. Roger Kotila   
Thursday, 17 December 2015 16:22
The world community is trapped in a war system in which corporate capitalism and religious extremism have played significant roles. Defects in the United Nations Charter have prevented the UN from being able to prevent the violent conflicts in the Middle East which have brought terrorism in their wake, and gone global.

The inability of the UN to rein in corporate capitalism with its military/industrial complex or prevent violent religious extremism speaks poorly for the obsolete UN Charter and increases the urgency of replacing it with the visionary Earth Constitution.

In the panic over ISIS attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, it is forgotten that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorism has come about in part as a reaction to US terrorism -- such as drone strikes, the US/NATO bombing of Libya, and the Pentagon's brutal "shock and awe" illegal invasion of Iraq.

Dick Cheney and President George Bush, Jr. plotted with the oil industry to invade Iraq (and elsewhere in the Middle East). Capturing lucrative oil resources meant more to them than human lives.

From "The WikiLeaks Files" we are told that the "Iraq cables" provide "...tens of thousands of examples of violence carried out in Iraq by US forces that led to over one million deaths during the invasion and ten-year occupation."

Professor Michel Chossudovsky writes: “Historically, warfare has been an instrument of economic conquest. U.S. foreign policy and the Pentagon’s war plans are intimately related to the process of economic globalization. The Pentagon is not only in liaison with the State Department, it also has informal ties to Wall Street, the Texas oil giants, not to mention the IMF and World Bank, which have played a key role in the process of destabilizing national economies.” (In “War and the Economic Crisis” in The Global Economic Crisis – The Great Depression of the XXI Century.)

Ancients worshiped a Sun God. Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship Jesus, God or Allah. The religion of corporate capitalism is to worship Money -- profit over human lives. Profit substitutes for God -- this is godless corporate capitalism.

Chossudovsky in "Towards A World War III Scenario" (2012) states that the main objective of America's war in the Middle East " to secure control and corporate ownership over the region's extensive oil wealth." He concludes: "America's holy crusade against the Muslim World is an outright criminal act directed against millions of people. It is a war of economic conquest."

Like oil companies, defense contractors practice godless corporate capitalism. They know that war for them is a highly profitable business model, even if it kills lots of innocent people.

And pharmaceutical corporations, too, show their preference for profit over human lives by over-the-top price hikes for medicines, such as when Turing Pharmaceuticals' CEO Martin Shkreli bought rights to Daraprim (for HIV) and raised the price from $13.50 to $750 (AP, 12-2-15).

Similar to corporate capitalism with the Pentagon, the Islamic State also has its hands in the ongoing death and destruction haunting the Middle East. Both flaunt and ignore the universal moral principles prescribed by the "Prince of Peace" -- Jesus Christ.

The Islamic State, fueled by the support of Wahhabism from the Saudi Arabian monarchy, uses its extremist religious ideology as the basis for a strict version of sharia law -- and a means to justify and glamorize ISIS terrorist acts.

Both ISIS and corporate capitalism use violence to achieve their "religious" goals: ISIS seeks an Islamic caliphate. Corporations provide the deadly weaponry that the Pentagon uses to invade oil rich nations on behalf of future corporate profits. Both rely upon terrorist methods: ISIS cuts off heads; the US military blows off heads.

The carnage in the Middle East is the product of a geopolitical system which lacks the necessary governing structures to outlaw and eliminate war. Powerful leaders of bully nations conduct both covert and overt war with no fear of prosecution for world crimes since there is no viable enforceable world law.

Why is the UN helpless to prevent perpetual war? A partial answer can be found in proposed world legislation to be submitted to the 2015 Provisional World Parliament to be held in India and organized by the World Constitution and Parliament Association. Excerpts from this legislation titled "Integrating the UN into the Earth Federation" help explain the UN's fatal flaws:

"... the world organization (UN) that is supposed to maintain the peace of the world and reduce poverty and human rights violations is largely run by the 5 most militarized nations of the world and the five leading aggressor nations of the world..."

" These five nations, all of whom have engaged in repeated wars, bombings, and military actions since 1945 (a very few of which were sanctioned by the UN Security Council, but all in conformance with the UN Charter), are placed, by the UN system, in charge of maintaining the “security and peace” of the world. Where the UN Security Council cannot agree on some imperial military action, each of these five nations simply takes military action unilaterally, which is in conformance with Article 26 of the UN Charter."

And in conclusion: "It should be clear... that the UN has served not to keep the peace in the world, which is violated regularly by the 5 permanent nations of the Security Council, among many others. It has served rather primarily as a legitimator and clean-up crew for state aggressions..."

As explained by world federalists such as the late Albert Einstein and now Professor Glen T. Martin, there is a way out of the world's seemingly intractable dilemmas -- but we must give up the global war system. Replacing the UN Charter with the Earth Constitution will mean that when conflicts occur enforceable world law will replace war as the final arbiter.

Professor Martin believes that the needed change in the global system can, and must, be done. He is part of a group of international peace activists leading the way to actualize the Earth Federation Movement's Earth Constitution in order to bring about a desperately needed geopolitical peace system.

Martin writes: "The Earth Constitution... supersedes the destructive and anti-democratic natures of both capitalism and communism. Whereas, the UN system is predicated on the system of sovereign nation-states... and the nation-state system itself has evolved inseparably integrated with the global capitalist system (a system in which a large portion of the Earth’s Population have very little hope of ever escaping extreme poverty)... the Earth Constitution has rightly mandated that the viable agencies of the UN system become integrated into the Earth Federation government..."

The Earth Constitution offers the world community a new alternative -- a means to rise above the perpetual global war system with its rigged economic system that favors the 1%. It awaits discovery by the UN and the world community.

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.
Editor, Earth Federation News & Views your social media marketing partner
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