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Congress in a Unanimous Vote Ordered the Iranian Ambassador Banned from the US – Entrenched Lobbies Going a Muck

Written by Richard Kane   
Monday, 14 April 2014 16:00
Massive Change. I can't understand Elizabeth Warren going along with banning Iranian UN Ambassador Hamid Abougaleb which both Houses voted with a voice vote. I can't understand UN supporting groups and most peace groups saying nothing -- is an exception,

Banning Hamid Abougaleb because of his role as a translator during the Iranian Hostage Crisis is senseless because translators are needed in tense situations when hostage takers don't speak English. and Hamid Abougaleb first role there was translating for a peace maker and second was to helping get the cleaning, cooking and typing staff to be released.
More background information than the above links on the peace efforts,
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Smears surround the ACORN story, Benghazi, Civil Right's Attorney Debo Adegbile's defeat. Now with Iranian UN Ambassador the smear is close to the opposite of the truth.

The seems to be a snowballing effect from Mumia abu-Jamal to Civil Right's Attorney Debo Adegbille defeat, Senators who voted for Debo Adegbille, who are in close reelection fights blacklisted as soft on Cop Killers, then the NRA quickly getting its way by pressuring Obama to drop his nomination of Dr. Vivek Murthy to be Surgeon General and then suddenly a unanimous Congressional voice vote to change the US's relations with the UN as if the power of entrenched lobbies now has no limits.

One thing especially toxic about the Mumia abu-Jamal saga is the image of him enjoying all his fame, his so-called powerful supporters meaning that the guards are treating him cautiously. No such delusions about American Indian Movement leader Leonard Peltier who even has a billionaire David Geffen among his backers, and frequent complaints about prison and his predicament. Mumia's lawyers emphasized racism which is a polarizing issue. But there is a lot that was wrong about the trial besides racism. For instance the Officer who jotted down “Negro mail made no statement” was suddenly on vacation during the trial and many of the officers involved in the trial were later arrested for falsifying evidence, corruption or retired early without explanation,

The close up shot to Officer Daniel Faulkner's head was from a bullet ruled to damaged tell which gun it came from means the claim that this shot was an assassination because he was a whistle blower fits in with the facts better than the claim that an honest cop somehow got along well with some of his very corrupt peers. A competent investigation would lead to the snowballing effect evaporating.

Another problem that I think is definitively not off the subject is that the more Iranian Ambassador Hamid Abougaleb is in trouble for his translating the fewer who will want to be translators in the future. In 2002 Attorney Lynne Stewart was arrested for revealing that blind Sheikh Omar Rahman wanted his followers to know he was resending his call for only nonviolent protest of the Egyptian Government translator Mohamed Yousry was surprised with a 1 ½ years in prison as well, meaning less people wanting to be translators. In Iraq, al Qaeda is finding people who translated for the US and killing them. These who asked for humanitarian asylum even with the assistance from US soldiers they worked for had very limited success. Translators in Afghanistan are in even more danger than those who fight in the Afghan army.

Ambassador Chris Steven's was killed in the Benghazi attack. He was unique that he was the only US ambassador to speak fluent Arabic which may have been why he was attacked.

The US is choosing drone strikes by cell phone calls between suspicious numbers, any taped recordings end up never being listened too. If the US had more Arabic speakers the conversation would be listened to be be sure at least who in the family was using the phone, before any drones were called,
and in Yemen from targets suggested by the Yemenese government and the Saudis while in Iraq the US is aiding the al-Maliki Government, and the Saudis, the Muslim militants coming in from Syria, The US arguing with the Saudis on whether those militants are terrorists or freedom fighters.

During the Cold War the US took translators seriously with a push to learn Russian for patriotic reasons. Future Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ended up speaking fluent Russian for patriotic reasons. It makes zero sense for the US to ever agree with al Qaeda that being a translator is a problem.

Apologizing to Iranian UN ambassador Hamid Abougaleb would enable the US to get more desperately needed translator.

America seems lately to be controlled by smears. Not respecting traslators is a new angle in dealing with the latest on the Mumia abu-Jamal at least partial frame up and added problem being attempts to expose it being straitjacketed by those who assume he is competent and skilled at dealing with his predicament, a hole that could be filled that would get in the way of the other smears being successful

Even if you disagree with some of what I am saying please everyone help me spread the fact that something is very wrong. The fact that so few realize that Congress had a unanimous vote for on that should have be a contentious issue desperately needs to be publicized your social media marketing partner
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