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Trump’s Fascistic Incarceration of Immigrant Families and the Root Causes of Undocumented Immigration

Written by David Starr   
Saturday, 30 June 2018 03:37

Donald Trump's executive order to stop the separation of immigrant parents from their children was overdue. The policy, however, should not have started in the first place. Now, families can supposedly stay together, but are still incarcerated. And what about the children who have already been separated? What is to become of them? So much for Trump's "compassion."

Undocumented immigrants and their children are treated like criminals. Overwhelmingly, these immigrants are not criminals, but are trying to live in more stable conditions. They are seeking asylum from the poverty and violence in their home countries.

But what is the essential cause of the poverty and violence? For decades, countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have been treated like market satellites, where a few local elites–and elites from the United States–benefit from income inequality, making record profits, while the many–workers and peasants–have endured hardship. Unequal relations like this go back about 500 years, when European colonial powers conquered much of what was to be known centuries later as the "Third World."

In recent history, Western imperialism dominates, especially the version of the U.S. empire. Thus, many "Third World" countries, now known as developing countries, are grappling with the austerity measures imposed by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and led by the U.S., which has exacerbated the poverty and hence the violence. And it is these reasons why undocumented immigrants seek refuge in the U.S. and other Western nations. No doubt, many would be glad to stay in their home countries if conditions were stabler.

Opposition to undocumented immigrants coming from Trump supporters (and others on the right) isn't valid. Immigrants are scapegoated for the U.S.'s societal problems and are viewed as the "Other." Trump supporters, e.g., do not get to the roots of the problem: a legacy of unequal relationships between the "First World" and the "Third World" epitomized by those austerity measures. The right–among the masses anyway–should directly oppose these unequal relationships and measures if they are so concerned about illegal immigration. They may, however, be too brainwashed and too cowardly to do it.

The Trump base certainly doesn't subscribe to the slogan on the Statue of Liberty. To paraphrase: "Give us your cold, tired, huddled masses yearning to be free." They are bent on exceptionalism rather than normal country-to-country relations.

Undocumented immigrants have rights like anyone else. They should be treated as such. But the Trump regime (and its core base) is too fascistic to carry this out. Incarcerating immigrant families is Nazi-like, for the U.S. anyway. Instead of giving these immigrants a pathway to citizenship, white fears are evident and thus there is a backlash. Some whites can't stand the diversity of the races–a multi-racial United States (Land of Immigrants). And in the name of the law, want these immigrants deported. But the law doesn't solve the problem of why undocumented immigrants come to the U.S. in the first place. And the elites just ignore the root causes. Something has got to give.

The backlash against the Trump regime's incarceration of immigrant families continues. The many are with the immigrants. The few are with the fascistic tactics of the regime. your social media marketing partner

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