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Baltimore Political Leaders Begging for FBI Investigation of Cop Killed Before Tesyifying

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Thursday, 08 February 2018 14:07

Baltimore Political Leaders Begging for FBI Investigation of Cop Killed Before Testifying

Baltimore's elite "Gun Trace Task Force" has been rocked by a huge scandal, an officer who refused to plant drugs was never called back to serve on this elite force. the day before giving testimony,

An officer, Detective Suiter, the day before testifying was gunned down, city officials now begging the FBI to get involved.

Democracy Now's Feb 7 broadcast urged viewer's to clamor for a continuation of consent decrees since Baltimore's police scandal wouldn't be in court without it,
I think it is unfortunate that there is no national clamoring to find out the circumstances of Detective Suiter's death, urging the President to push for it

Baltimore Today is very similar to Philadelphia in the early 70's where Officer Danial Faulkner died before testifying, with was blamed on Mumia abu-Jamal. Every Officer mentioned in Wikipedia's article on Philadelphia's 39 District Corruption Scandal can be google to be involved in the Mumia trial,

The European private investigators who found new bits and pieces of the crime scene couldn't ring the doorbells of corrupt Philly cops, but today cries to free Mumia could be linked to calls to jail Officer Faulkner's assassins. Officer Faulkner after belatedly getting a high school diploma went back to school on the GI bill toward a Criminal Justice Degree, finding time for a lot of volunteering, likely beat the shit or the by-sell records out of Mumia's brother Billy. and Billy's drug dealing new-stand's partner Poppy (Kennith Freeman), that were helping corrupt cops.

The up-close bullet to Faulkner's head was ruled too mangled to link to Mumia's gun, modern imaging will find out more, now there is DNA testing, what should have been bits of splattered blood from Faulkner's head wound. In the Salvation Army collapse. the recent arguments over Salvation Army guilt over not accepting scaffolding, left out that was supposed to be License and Inspection's decision, prosecutions are in order.  According to the previously mention Democracy Now broadcast, as some Baltimore cop's goof off, in order to get even with the corruption trials, activists clamor for cease fire weekend's the last one was a success. Let's do the same in Philly, let's have "Stop the No Snitch Culture" rallies, as for needle exchanges. how about a free needles with a hepatitis C shot, flue shot, or tetanus shot, or health check, Let's prove Sa
nctuary City means less and less crime and less and less punish also means less and less crime. Let's bring Baltimore investigators to Philly.

Let’s build the image of building a better city, country and world, rather than punishing people into it. your social media marketing partner

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