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Will Saturday Night Live Have Trump on Again?

Written by Philip Kraske   
Thursday, 24 August 2017 06:23

Back in November of '15, yours truly penned a squawk,
And castigated SNL for giving Don a walk,
A walk, that is, across their stage, for an innocent romp,
And this when just some days before he'd on the Mexies stomped.

Called them thieves, called them rapists, could scarcely find the words,
But this was obviated for the show by well-paid writer nerds,
Who made a joke of Trump's racism that got a couple laughs,
And that was that, no more was said as Share sped up the graphs.

Outside the show Latinos beefed, but air time they got squat,
Besides the light was awful dim and spoiled every shot.
So Don had done what was before the near impossible:
Wore racism on his sleeve and gouged us to the full.

From there for Don 'twas all downhill, in retrospect it's clear,
If he could get away with that, the Dems he needn't fear. 
No exec quit, nobody got huffy, no reporters fussed,
Not half so much as recently, now that Don's gone bust.

Ponder the guys at SNL another slick Don show?
Or do they think this time around they'd better just lie low?
The ratings wouldn't be so great, the hype could not be built,
And maybe for this time around on show would be their guilt.

Will Fallon again muss his hair, will reporters give a pass
To this aspect of Trump's psyche, to the trails in his past?
People voted, that's for sure, but it's also somewhat true,
The powers-that-be did fail us all, and this today we rue. your social media marketing partner

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