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United States of Paranoia: Surveillance of Suspects or Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals

Written by William Edstrom   
Saturday, 11 June 2016 13:16
United States of Paranoia: Surveillance of Suspects or Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals
by William Edstrom
June 11, 2016

The police routinely do surveillance on suspects. We all know that.

The DEA, FBI, CIA and a whole host of other agencies also do surveillance on suspects. What we don’t know is how they pick their suspects, how they do surveillance and how long do they do surveillance for. Without a doubt, the number of suspects has increased since September 11th, 2001.

The New York Times featured an article on June 10th, 2016 titled “United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers” which casts doubts on whether gangs could commit crimes like stalking, harassing (and worse) against targeted individuals (TI’s) and repeatedly tries to plant seeds of doubt that TI’s may be mentally ill, delusional or psychotic.

When we replace the phrase “gang stalking” with “surveillance” and the term “targeted individuals” with “suspects” does anyone then think that suspects are mentally ill, delusional or psychotic for realizing that surveillance teams are doing surveillance on them, when surveillance teams are indeed doing surveillance on them.

We don’t know how many people are suspects because the police won’t comment on ongoing cases. Ditto for Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Dr. John Hall, a documentary film maker, author and expert on gang stalking, estimates that hundreds of thousands of Americans are currently being targeted, gang stalked and worse.

We don’t know how the police or Federal agencies do surveillance on people because they won’t say how they do surveillance. On occasion, there is news about people who were indicted that reveals surveillance went on for years, that undercover officers masqueraded as underage girls online or as sexy young adults preying on lonely (or excitable) young men. Undercover officers pretending to be religious, frequenting Mosques, asking nosy questions, offering freebies all around, free food, free drinks, free cash, free vans, free weapons to religious people, who pray often, yet live in economically cratering parts of the US.

There’s Congressional testimony from intelligence agency personnel about “dark arts” and “honey traps.” The specifics on how exactly they do surveillance (aka their “dark arts”) on suspects is sketchy at best.

Not so from the suspects, the targeted individuals that is. Dozens of books have been written, hundreds of gang stalking survivor groups have formed, mainly online, and thousands of sites and blogs exist on the topic. Just search terms like mind control, gang stalking and targeted individuals and you will find.

TI’s describe being gang stalked, harassed, many times a day every day, abused, terrorized, brutalized, tortured and many TI’s memorialize other TI’s who were killed. Descriptions get graphic and detailed, some with a unique vocabulary like “directed conversations,” “gas lighting,” “mobbing,” “street theater,” “man in the middle attacks,” “sleep deprivation torture” and so forth.

Directed conversations apparently are when police supervisors write out scripts for undercover officers (or informants) to recite in front of suspects. “Gas lighting” is when undercover officers (or informants) break into a suspect’s home and move things around or do intentional damage to utilities, appliances or clothes, for example.

“Mobbing” is often at work when several co-workers have agreed to become police informants (snitches) and they mob, surround and simultaneously bully a co-worker creating a hostile work environment. Some TI websites and groups mention mobbing in other contexts like stores or in public, suspects get enveloped by a swarm of irritating and menacing undercover officers (or informants).

One suspect from New York reported being menaced by pit bulls. When he left home in the morning, there would be 3 pit bull owners, chatting with each other, with their pit bulls blocking the front door. Followed by the subway entrance being blocked by 3 other pit bull owners with their pit bulls. Followed by horribly disfigured people getting onto the same subway car at the next stop, with handlers, then loudly describing the pit bull attacks that left them so disfigured. Then, the subway exit being blocked by 3 pit bull owners with pit bulls and so forth.

Street theater is when police bosses plan out skits for undercover officers (or informants) to act out in front of suspects. One suspect reported about several such skits. For example, a couple of undercover officers, one with a camera, the other with chalk drawing outlines like of corpses on the sidewalk while his partner snapped photos with flashes of the chalk outlines. PsyOp is synonymous with street theater.

Man in the middle attacks are when someone texts a friend, but the text goes to an undercover officer who reads and relays all or part of the message to the friend. The friend responds, but that text also goes to the undercover officer who reads it, then relays part or all of it to the suspect. Such man in the middle attacks can also occur with online chats, emails and some say calls with advanced computer programs that can mimic people’s voices (two men in the middle attacks, one to listen to the suspect and a second in the next room to relay the message (all or part) to the suspect’s friend). Any unnatural seeming pauses with texts, chats or calls may indicate man-in-the-middle attacks.

Sleep deprivation torture is undercover officers (or informants) making loud noises all night, so that suspects cannot sleep. Often the loud noises come from a nearby home, rented by the police to do surveillance, like loud music all night long. Other loud noises described by suspects include loud TV’s, prolonged chain sawing, power drilling, jack hammering and the like.

Some suspects report intensive sexual harassment and assaults. One suspect in New York reported years of more than 50 prostitutes a day stalking, harassing, assaulting and at times, attempting to rape. None of the prostitutes wanted money from their target. It’s widely known in Manhattan that certain Federal agencies have stables of prostitutes on their payroll because of the United Nations and Wall Street (and apparently for some suspects too).

For some, being harassed (assaulted, etc.) by so many prostitutes every day might sound hot. Pick the ones you want, or pick all of them for sex, for free.

But. If you’re a heterosexual man, they send frisky gay male prostitutes. If you’re a heterosexual woman, they send lesbian prostitutes. If you’re a gay man, they send heterosexual female prostitutes. If you’re a lesbian, they send heterosexual male prostitutes to sexually harass you, assault you, attempt to rape you, etc. Just say “surveillance” (wink wink).

Suspects who know why they are being targeted and are being targeted by local or state police, rarely report the swarms of prostitutes. Prostitute swarms harassing (assaulting, etc.) are more commonly reported by suspects who know why they are being targeted and are being targeted by the Feds.

(Many suspects do not know why they are suspects. Many suspects don't realize for years that they are suspects.)

How long? One “suspect” reported being under “surveillance” for over 50 years. Long story short, his mother was some sort of Fed tasked with seducing a foreign leader (known for promiscuity) and getting pregnant. She succeeded and came back to Manhattan. 9 months later, she delivered at New York Presbyterian Hospital. The agency arranged an adoption and the natural mother got her $1 million in cash. (Moments later, outside the hospital, she was robbed and murdered.)

Anyway, the child was adopted by undercover officers, raised in a wealthy suburb on a block where many other undercover officers lived. He’s been under 24/7 “surveillance” throughout his childhood, teens, young adulthood and middle age years to present. Other targeted individuals (suspects) routinely report having been under surveillance for decades.

People put on the no fly list never get off the no fly list just as many suspects never get off the surveillance list. (Back in the day, Americans used to be innocent until proven otherwise.)

Gloria Naylor, an award winning author, reports in her book “1996” how a spat with a well connected neighbor led to her being declared a “suspect” and being put under intensive “surveillance” complete with harassment, stalking by surveillance teams, psychological abuse and torture, sabotage to personal belongings, loud noises, sleep deprivation torture, being threatened, menaced and terrorized 24/7/365 and worse.

The police and Feds refuse to state how long surveillance goes on for. The police and Feds also refuse to provide metadata like statistics (e.g. a range from shortest to longest surveillance times, average and median surveillance time periods). There’s a tab to taxpayers too, but, the police and Feds refuse to provide data on how much surveillance costs per day per suspect.

The police and Feds absolutely refuse to provide data on how many suspects are guilty and how many are innocent.

Widely published data reported that over 90% of the suspects incarcerated at Guantanamo were innocent of any crimes. They were imprisoned, without trial, tortured for years, then released. Because they’re innocent.

The Feds still refuse to apologize to the innocent people they falsely imprisoned and tortured for years at the Guantanamo torture camp as surely as the Feds still continue their lingering military occupation of Occupied Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

We don’t know how many suspects put under surveillance are innocent, but we do know for sure from Guantanamo data that over 90% of the suspects there turned out to be innocent. Over 90% of suspects put under surveillance may also be innocent.

It was also widely reported that the Feds murdered some of the innocent suspects at Guantanamo, then tried (unsuccessfully) to make their murders look like suicides. It’s still unknown, however, how many innocent suspects under surveillance the police and Feds have murdered. Some TI websites report names and other facts about targets (suspects) who died under suspicious circumstances.

The practice of placing suspects under surveillance has increased throughout the history of the United States. The biggest increase has been 2001 to present.

There are too many unanswered questions about surveillance of suspects. Inquiries can be done by County Legislatures, City Councils, State Assemblies, Congress and investigative journalists to reveal how suspects are picked, how long are suspects put under surveillance, how exactly is surveillance done and how many suspects are found to be innocent (e.g. 90%, 95%).

Suspects (targeted individuals) have reported that surveillance teams have broken laws, committed misdemeanors, felonies, civil rights violations, human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Reports of serious crimes should be investigated. The people who do surveillance should be well policed. Anyone doing surveillance who has committed crimes needs to be held accountable: investigated, arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned for their crimes.

A step forward in fighting such abuses and crimes is increasing accountability, oversight, audits and placing effective checks and balances on police and the Feds. One small step forward would be hearings at local, state and federal levels on the scope and extent of the problem.

How many suspects are put under surveillance for decades? Why? Effective enforceable laws need to be passed and inaugurated to limit the amount of time a suspect can be put under surveillance (e.g. 1 or 2 years).

How many crimes have been committed by police and Feds doing surveillance and what kinds of crimes have they been committing against suspects? The police and Feds need to be policed more effectively. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, there should be independent audits, strong oversight, effective accountability and enforceable checks and balances on both police and the Feds.

If more than 90% of suspects are innocent of any crimes and large numbers of people have been labeled suspects and put under surveillance for decades, then discussion in the press, County Legislatures, City Councils, State Assemblies, Congress and the media-at-large needs to also turn to how these “suspects” can be apologized to and how can they be compensated for what was done to them.

Targeted individuals who are suspects under surveillance will gain more credibility when they acknowledge the fact they are suspects under surveillance and move forward to discussions and actions (e.g. lobbying for reforms, lawsuits, etc.) to ameliorate the status quo of how suspects are picked, how surveillance is done, and how long does surveillance linger on for. There is another group of targeted individuals who report they have been experimented on without their consent - this is a closely related topic for another article.

It’s a truism that everyone is a potential criminal just as everyone is a potential terrorist. Yourself included. You are no longer innocent until proven guilty in the USA. You are guilty until proven innocent (and that could take decades, or a lifetime, or longer). If you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing and do nothing while the number of “suspects” rises from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions, then who is going to speak up or do anything for you when you become a “suspect” and get put under 24/7 “surveillance” for years? Or decades. Or the rest of your life. your social media marketing partner


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+2 # Almost dead 2017-01-13 14:12
Four years for me. Chemical castration, assaults, starvation, they tried to get me to have sex with a six year old, no friends left, tortured every night in the homeless shelter they confine me in. When I camp out they fly F-15s at 200 ft above my head all night. They threw tar in my hair until I had a bald spot, deliberately induce rage constantly and when I flip out use it as an excuse to attack more.... destroy all employment opportunities, drug me so my body gives out when I try to work. The perpetrators are often just drug addicts, but there are a few "professionals" . The've been drugging me with chemotherapy drugs.... I could go on and on. The whole thing is rediculous. I yelled at the godson of a four star general. He was my roommate, and deserved to be yelled at.And they specifically target, generally speaking, white males with this stuff. Its a political thing. If you have the ability to rise in life they'll break your knees over and over again.seventy percent of the people they use to attack you are going to be women and minorities, (unless they're church people) although the first fifteen months was a genuine FBI counterrorism task force that tried to get me to make napalm, thermite, and/or run guns from south africa to north africa. Anything under the vast umbrella of terrorism they could get me on.

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