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Company Fights Unemployment to the Death

Written by Andrea   
Friday, 25 September 2015 03:18
Group Management Services Inc DBA Group Benefits Solutions had their fists up to a recent college graduate yesterday afternoon. The young adult states she was hired in under false pretenses but worked hard and did what she could to please management until she had enough money to support herself on her own and quit since Group Management Services told her she wouldn't be able to find a better job and was harassed every time she tried to look for a new job. GMS, as the company abbreviated themselves, secretly had two or more job descriptions for the young adult without her knowledge or consent, creating a hostile work environment from day one and even after she left employment there the former employee explained. "This is really an open-and-shut case. The fact that I had to have a trial for unemployment for this and that GMS is fighting me so hard for my unemployment is ridiculous! $300 a week for a company of this size really is Petty Cash," the recent graduate explained. There were many more offenses the company made against the recent graduate and her former co workers such as unpaid work days, sexual harassment, and even not being paid the correct hourly rate, but the recent graduate wanted to focus on the multiple job descriptions, since that contributed to the most stress, harassment, and retaliation the recent graduate had to undergo. This was especially because the person harassing her the most was the person HR and everyone else at GMS forced the recent graduate to talk to, the benefits manager, NOT the person the recent graduate was hired under to have as a supervisor. "I didn't sign up for that. I wasn't given a revised job description and sat down and explained anything concerning job description changes. My job just changed on me, and now I can't even use this time I wasted there as relevant career experience since the job was a benefits/payroll position they masqueraded as a finance position. They won't be a job reference for anyone, which is just the same as giving someone a negative job reference. I would recommend to everyone to not work with or at GMS. The employees at GMS all know the benefits manager harasses co workers to get them to quit so that she can train new employees and make it look like she's not incompetent. No one at GMS likes her, so we were all suspecting she only had the job for unprofessional reasons..." The recent graduate had to mourn the death of a former employee and friend due to the benefit manager's harassment. The young adult explained, "They knew he had two children and was going though a divorce, but they blamed him for a problem that the benefit manager created about 3 years ago. He was hired in after me and I explained and even proved that this problem was around before I was hired in." GMS denied her co worker unemployment just as they denied and fought the recent grad's unemployment, which caused her former co worker to go destitute and commit suicide. "It's just such a shame a company can get away with murder. I just don't want to see this happen to anyone else. I'm outraged." your social media marketing partner
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