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Salvation Army Store Collapse, the Media Dropped the Ball, It was a Setup

Written by Richard Kane   
Monday, 11 November 2013 09:31
A building collapsed into an open store despite several complaints to the city and the site that something was wrong, such as no hardhats and a wall still standing over an open store.

Philadelphia hasn't had a fearless, helping the little-guy oriented, investigator, since Mumia abu Jamal vividly exposed police abuse and similar crimes against the poor.

One person was arrested when a wall fell into the Salvation Army store killing six. Sean Benschop was the crane operator, who was blamed for the disaster, and who no one in the media talked in jail to get his side of the story. He was a self-employed licensed city contractor with his wife as the bookkeeper. She was also the bookkeeper for Griffin Cambell Construction, the demolition firm that finagled getting Sean listed as a city contractor. Sean was overjoyed that he was finally overcoming his handicap of being an ex-con with a marijuana background because of his stingy boss's unexpected gift.

On the job he was paid cash at the end of the day like the other employees and had no assurance that he would be hired the next day, except that his wife might have quit in response and with her computer skill and other background found another job quite easily. By being called a contractor he didn't have benefits.

The demolition next door to the Salvation Army store, besides being on a shoestring budget was rushed, from dawn to dusk. The continued demolition after the collapse in the driving rain, could have removed any evidence of hanky-panky elsewhere than at the wall. There could have been exorbitantly expensive structural damage elsewhere in the Salvation Army wall or foundation that could have been more easily attributed to sabotage to get the Salvation Army torn down for gentrification purposes Both buildings were turned into empty lot very quickly.
Sean unless he liked Chinese food would have no reason during any break to know that the Salvation Army was not closed for a while. The Philadelphia Inquirer listed a number of people who complained that the demolition was dangerous. The so-called suicide of the license and inspection official over guilt didn't fit in with all the routine corruption at License and Inspection.

Gentrifying at 22nd and Market is brutal. An article before the collapse said all the eye sores would be gone. First the other adult theater had a huge arson fire. Papa John's Pizza lost it's lease but payed a huge rent increase instead. But recently quickly left anyway.

Richard Basciano the real estate adult theater tycoon that owned the adult theater being demolished so far stands to profit over the accident and there are similar shandy incidents that ended with him getting money. The insurance company's losses aren’t his. There was article in the Philadelphia Daily News, the internet version, I didn't locate claiming the Salvation Army was being cited and fined for not allowing scaffolding, but on line, the Salvation Army claimed that they never denied a scaffold. There is an online petition asking that the Salivation Army pay for a memorial site not asking Basciano, or Cambell Construction and the city.

Chances are Richard Basciano never uttered a word to damage the Salvation Army just arranged that Cambell Construction would profit handily if the Salvation Army had to be demolished similar to like Michael Jackson's sister screamed that the recording studio tried to kill her brother because Michael Jackson's music, as with some other entertainers, would be more valuable after Michael had died. Instead of murder charges, as with the Salvation Army deaths, instead someone else was charged with manslaughter. Michael's doctor, Doctor Conrad, said he was cutting Michael's dose down and Michael was looking for anesthesia elsewhere but was convicted of manslaughter anyway. Conrad Murphy was distracted by a huge business deal when Michael overdosed on anesthesia. No one else mentioned knowing Michael was in trouble with anesthesia would be good reason for a conspirator to offer a business deal. In the Salvation Army disaster Sean Benschop should be a witness like Dr. Conrad should. I think even Cambell Construction should get off lightly if it patently document all the indirect hints Richard Bascino had arranged.

I had an experience where someone, or group, indirectly murdered a friend of mine. My landlord of many years was Kalvin Kahn who wrote “A Cat Goes to Court”

Every time he got a cold I had to, after a few days, rush him by cab to the hospital or call 911 or he would have fallen into a coma dying the next day. Then my key to his apartment was missing, his extra keys missing from his key drawer and the curtains drawn for the first time which the mailman I again recently ran into can testify to, and Kalvin fell where he could have been seen in plain site. Since the new handyman stayed on my land phone for more than ten minuets after getting permission from Kalvin's new girl friend for that handyman to break the lock, I rushed to the pay phone and hysterically called 911; but the ambulance didn't come. Frantically calling later the 911 operator said another call had came first, and that call took precedence about an old man who hadn't been seen for two days that should be checked on but it was probably nothing (likely on my land phone). Besides the preserved 9ll tape as evidence he talked his way into staying to clean up and got a welfare check there so refused to move, quickly cluttering it up with a lot of furniture. A shady perspective realtor who the handyman hung a For Sale banner for, bought it only under the condition that he and I move in three months, paying nothing until we do. So the shady realtor had an opportunity to make a profit in three months if the house was resold but not pay a cent until we both move. The handyman never left and I lost the condition of Kalvin's will that I could stay until his cat died. The police weren't interested in murder charges, but like child molesting might change their mind and make arrests years from now, the 911 tape and welfare records as permanent evidence.

Another way people commit indirect murder is by systematically cutting benefits for the poor while at the same time screwing up what little is left by such things as transferring food stamps from the Agriculture Department to the already overworked welfare system.

The rawest example was the hate speech porn movie “The Innocence of Mohammed” which was trying to engineer a worldwide tit-for-tat bloodbath to get Romney elected president. Like is occurring between Muslims and Hindus in Burma-Myanmar, after some Muslims angered by the hate porn movie, burned a Muslim shine. The tit-for-tat violence there is still continuing. Fortunately here in America, no California Jewish philanthropist was killed and the killed man's relatives’ crying for blood, or Coptic Christians in Egypt killed over the movie. The actor who played the porn scene saw an angelic looking figure with his mother likely telling him that he wasn't a bastard, his father came from outer space. Amazingly none of the Americans killed at Benghazi had relatives who cried out for blood. Muslims around the world were incensed that the least deserving American was killed for a hate movie, a very close call for a disaster.

Back to the Salvation Army, there won't be justice until Richard Bavciano is arrested.

The only mainstream newspaper who had a broad view of the Salvation Army collapse was Ronnie Polaneczky's column in the Daily News. She compares the city's behavior at the Salvation Army with dropping the bomb that burned a whole city block.

However I want to compare it with Mumia abu Jamal's arrest 23 years ago where Mumia's penetrating vivid stories on police abuse and Officer Danny Faulkner's snitch to the feds behavior were silenced in one combined set up. Mumia claims to have seen nothing but his brother staggering and between the kicks of police officials unexpectedly beating on Mumia saw his brother bleeding. Obviously Mumia abu Jamal said no more to prevent both brothers being charged with murder not just Mumia. Weirdly none of the witnesses on either side said anything about a close-up directly to the head shot. Mumia's original comments when he was first escorted from the hospital to jail was that a policeman was sacrificed to shut both Mumia and John Africa up. Mumia did shut up about local police abuse, his specialty. Prosecutor Seth Willlam's claim that it was Mumia's right not to testify was macabre because Seth Williams must have realized that Mumia was threatened that his brother would be executed if he did say exactly what he saw to keep his brother from joining Mumia on death row. I believe investigating the present and the past at the same time would make a real difference.

Let's let the frame up of crane operator, Sean Benscholp, on manslaughter charges be an opportunity to expose all the other set-ups and frame-ups and indirect murders as well.

Shame on the local press for not noting Sean Benscholp being set-up or framed.

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