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The World Must Slow Down Or Face Certain Doom- bY AnOnYmOuS

Written by Russell S.Wyllie   
Thursday, 31 January 2013 06:01




The pace of the World is chaotic. Computers are used in every aspect of business and communication...and the pace of the World gets faster and faster, to the point where you could describe the pace of the World as being in a state of panic.
I sometimes wonder if the World would do well to slow the pace just a little...If we could slow the corruption and the pace of financial market chaos then only the greedy profiteers would be affected.
I'm sure the World could survive quite well if we worked a little less, rested more and conserved our energy...

If we worked less and rested more we could save the World from escalating into a massive greedy python...strangling itself out of existance.
But the World seems to like operating at break-neck speed, unable to prevent itself fulfilling its destiny to fly into chaos as soon as possible.
As time goes by, population will rise and the drain on resources will escalate, wars for resources will be permanant and chaos will reign.

Nothing is certain. The escalation of chaos could suddenly become like hysteria. People won't be able to cope.
Change comes to the World when people realize the problems we face and tackle them, not ignore them. Working as slaves for the machine, as ghosts in the machine, trapped, controlled and contorted by the system and the establishment. They have designed a system that rushes us throughout our lives, and the human race is condemned to become the hyperactive robots, all obeying the pace of the system and unable to reduce the pace of our lives.

If Governments think that they can use human beings as disposable machines, made to operate at top speed without care for the souls of those beings, then they are truly mistaken and very sorry they will be.
They are trying to create an army of human being machines, and we are slaves to the barrels of oil that run those machines. Is this our destiny, to be fulfilling the World's oil industries and lining their pockets by forcing us to work at break-neck speed with long hours and low wages. Much of the World is like this...

I say enough is enough, and it is time to slow the whole World down in order to allow human beings to work and exist in a more relaxed state. There has never been even one politician who has brought up this issue. We deserve a more safe environment to work in- and if we could have our way then 5 hours per day surely is enough work for any human being. Think about it. 5 hours per day. The whole World could still survive because in reality we as human beings are incredibly wasteful. Nearly half of all food produce across the World is wasted. That means half of all water and fertilizers used are merely going to waste.

It's a World gone crazy, human beings in chains, slaves to the machine, slaves to the oil industries.
If I was an oil industry executive, I'd probably enjoy seeing so much excessive industry production, because I'd know it would mean I'd make millions more from selling my oil...and be able to award myself a multi-million bonus when I decide to retire to my private island...
But I'm not an oil executive, I'm not a slave driver nor a human who wants to be rushed into the extreme pace of the World today. I choose to NOT be part of the slave-to-the-machine-system.

The frantic pace of industry and markets and the waste of produce has to stop. The human race cannot go down the path where the pace of computers dictates our outcome. Machines and computers can be great things- but when pushed to their limits, like humans, the end result is crash or breakdown.
The World needs to rise up and demand that the pace of the World is slowed down, or we'll surely reach our destiny of doom at top speed...


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