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Special Comment: The Republican Party has lost me again

Written by Charles Patrick Adkins   
Friday, 07 December 2012 05:05
I am not quite sure where to begin this editorial, so I will just start writing and I hope everything will just fall into place.

I am sure that by now you know about Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder and his sudden swerve into the extreme right. As a disillusioned former Democrat, who voted for him, despite the fact that I come for a Democratic Party voting family; I am extremely angry at him right now and the Republican Party in Michigan.

Rick Snyder came off to me as a moderate Republican, someone who was not interested in pursuing some sort of radical agenda or in causing this sort of chaos in Michigan. Well, needless to say, I and many other who voted for him, despite our feelings about the Republican Party as a whole; have egg on our faces.

This idiotic move was nothing more than an appeasement to the Republican base. There was talk of a primary challenge by someone in the Republican Party of Michigan; I do not know who it was, but it obviously scared Snyder into taking this huge swerve.

There will be consequences for this overreach of partisan Government. My earlier posting showed some of it. If there was not enough support to get Governor Snyder recalled, there will be now. The organized labor movement is on full alert now and they are extremely pissed off and rightly so. The Democratic Party base is now totally energized and when this happens, things happen and people get taken out of office and quickly.

I will also let this out as well. I made this threat in an earlier blog posting. The Bush-era is over, and the Obama era is now in its second term. The Republican Party of Michigan and Nationally; as far as this writer is concerned, have demonstrated that they have no interest in protecting people like my Father. They have shown me, that they would rather destroy everything which my Father worked, for 31 years at General Motors. They have shown this writer that they would like to see my Father fairly earned retirement taken from him. They have shown to me, that they want to see my Father’s social security taken from him and his Medicare taken from him as well.

Because of these facts, I have decided to make the following announcement. The announcement is this: My vote for 2014 and 2016 are now officially up for grabs. The Republican Party is trending towards something that I simply cannot support and that is an extremist position towards unions and organized labor. Furthermore, they have proven to me, that they are not interested in protecting our Seniors, like my Mother and Father.

Therefore, because of that, I am now, officially rescinding my support of the Republican Party as a whole and basically of the Conservative movement. I still consider myself a “right of center.” A moderate Conservative or a Blue Dog Democrat, if you want to call me that. I still believe in the idea of American greatness and Reagan’s idea of optimism.

However, I do not believe in this awful misuse of Government power by the Republican Party of Michigan to undermine the ability of people to collectively bargain, if they should choose to do so. This is nothing more overreach and it is morally wrong and I, as am American cannot support it. This is what Hitler and the Nazi’s did and this is what the Soviet Empire did as well. It is fascism of the highest order and I cannot and will not support it. For the record, I have always believed that, and now it is time to put my convictions to use.

Therefore, there are changes coming to this blog. I will removing a good deal of the RSS feeds, save maybe one. To be honest, I do not really agree with any of them anymore. I will be adding some from a different perspective. Some people might be offended by them; but, that is just too bad. When a political party chooses fascism over liberty, something must be done and someone must take a stand.

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