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Who put the Mashed Potatoes on Donald Trump's Head?

Written by johnescher   
Sunday, 07 March 2021 09:26

It was a big Sunday dinner.  Generations of the Trump family were seated at the large dining room table.  Boy Donald loudly picked on a younger sibling and wouldn't stop.

Mary Trump tells the story but not in much detail at least for major TV networks.

Finally one relative dumped a full bowl of mashed potatoes on Donald's head.  Since we weren't there we can't know if another relative followed with the gravy.

We can speculate that Donald became quiet but only for one minute.

We may forever wonder unless we find the answer in one of Mary Trump's books if the potatoes fell from a height or acted rather as glue to hold the glass bowl like a World War I helmet on Donald's head.

Also, who was the relative who did the good deed?  We're always looking for another Trump beside Mary and her aunt to like.  But what mysteries other than bad taxes and deeds we don't yet know about remain when it comes to Trumps?

There still is Barron.  The potatoes fell long before he was conceived and born.  How will he turn out? your social media marketing partner
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