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Latest on felonious Kavanaugh

Written by reality   
Friday, 28 September 2018 01:34

Consider doing: Morning, great work, also: Latest actions, etc., on felonious Kavanaugh on google:Struggle Against Kavanaugh Continues    :) "Judge Brett Kavanaugh's record and judicial philosophy demonstrate a clear hostility towards reproductive rights. We cannot afford to go back to a world before Roe v. Wade - when abortion was illegal and unsafe for millions of people in the U.S.."  Actually, felonious Kavanaugh's, as he's lied six times to Congress (and should be impeached from his current Appeals Court Judge position instead of being illegally installed in the Supremacy Court), attempted installation in the Supremacy Court is more like RumputiN's felonious crime family being installed in the Blackhouse by the united suck of assassins police, military, intelligence industrial complexes, O'bama, tea partiers, remocrats dempublicans (that's dinos and DinoS, dem soc), wiki leaks, Assange, sinos, dinos, ainos, linos, ginos (I was aghast when I first saw Stein across the table from utin and rump in Moscow on the news), as well as global hackers, and the monetizing of the social media too far, 'cause money's all that matters, Moore monetizing on Trump's name by using 'Trumpland' as the title of his book before the 11-16 election, even though he knew full well it would inspire remocrats to get out the vote more and realize a swing of some votes to RumputiN because a % of our polity just wants to vote for who they think will win for bragging rights, Barr, Kanye, etc..  Kavanaugh has lied over 6 times to Congress, that's documented, he's not only not fit to be a Supreme Court Justice, he's not fit for the Appeals Court position he criminally occupies.  RumputiN feloniously dictated that the 100k documents that the Senate requires additionally would not be provided; Kavanaugh cannot be confirmed!!!  They only supplied 40k documents 12 hours before the hearings begun, giving Senators almost no time to skim through them; this is criminal procedure as well- don't allow anything to proceed to a confirmation of the criminal (he lied in front of the Senate to Durbin during his Appeals Court confirmation, referred for prosecution) Kavanaugh.  FBI should investigate the latest felonies of him for attempted rapes, sexual assault from 4 victims with numerous witnesses, etc., before Kavanaugh is confirmed, so the Senate can hear all the facts about felonious Kavanaugh before he gets an up or down vote.

Just say naugh to Kavanaugh   :)
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Struggle Against Kavanaugh Continues:

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Thanx for all you do.  Copy, share as you will.   reality your social media marketing partner
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