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writing for godot

For Self-Appointed Amateur Experts on Public Health

Written by johnescher   
Monday, 08 June 2020 00:21


Some medicine men who have never picked an herb may have a primitive wish to
"make widows wince" as the poet Wallace Stevens once suggested.
Provocation is of course a healthy literary device we English teachers would like to see our
students do more of so long as their goal can be greater than making people feel bad.
"You've got to create interest," we tell them, "and hook your reader."
But what is the metaphor here?  Fishing or over-fishing?  And if the top offishuls of Norway and
Sweden are now backpedaling from their opposite positions on quarantine, what can this tell us?
That covid-19 is still too novel for anyone to have good answers on any aspect of it, e.g., how
about The Atlantic Magazine's current article identifying a whole new segment of people who have
been ill now for three months?
All uncertainty associated with the pandemic is real while the posturing associated with it should
not be taken seriously.  The fact-free people who pretend to know what they're talking about don't.. your social media marketing partner
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