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Desperate to End Isolation, Choose Sweden not Trump

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Monday, 11 May 2020 15:37

Desperate to End Isolation, Choose Sweden not Trump

President Trump appeals to those who long for a return to and end to the lock-down. Some of his antics are particularly dangerous, which he can inspire others to participate in. Several Republican legislators also refuse to wear masks. Meat processing plants declared to be an urgent necessity spreads the virus to otherwise somewhat sheltered rural areas. Trump goes to battleground Democratic Governor states and egg-on lock-down protesters there.

In Philadelphia the protest was a little different only in cars honking their horns or with signs and a few  sidewalk pickets 6 feet apart and wearing masks. One sign referred to Sweden who had no lock-down but far less coronavirus deaths than England. Too bad I’m over 70. My sign would have been “Choose Sweden not Trump.” In Sweden kids play on playgrounds and go to school, events with over 50 people are not allowed. People go to restaurants but can’t sit at the bar. Social distancing is greatly encouraged, but violators not sanctioned. Restaurants and factories that don’t social distance are temporary closed, No meat packing plants spreading the virus like a crowded ship as in the US. Trump is condemning Sweden not praising it. Basically a relaxed atmosphere unlike in the US.  

However, Trump should not be condemned for having the worse policies. In Mexico and India healthcare workers instead of being praised are condemned for supposedly spreading the virus, with bleach thrown in their faces. In Ecuador dead bodies are laying in the street. In Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro is holding campaign rallies, condemning the locked down called by local governments, as the health systems totters toward an Ecuador styled meltdown.

Vietnam, Cuba, Iceland and Singapore pounced on the virus even before it hit; but after initial success Singapore now has the virus spreading fast, foreign workers staying in tight quarters are in the thick of the pandemic. The US has undocumented workers, and the homeless and the highest prison population in the world. With or without Trump, ending the epidemic in the US is a long way off.

One country that should get extra note is Cuba. Only 77 people have died as of May 10, private fancy restaurants are sending cooked food to financially limited shut-in elderly at no coast to them. Survivors blood is used as fast as it can be donated, in the US it is only given to the sickest of the victims.
Over criticizing Trump is not the answer, Trump imagines one can shine ultraviolet light directly into the lungs, but ultraviolet light with the help of strong suntan lotion and sun glasses can be a valuable tool. Possibly in a crowded restaurant or concert. It would be especially valuable along with portable outdoor or lightly sheltered hand washing stations next to a machine that could quickly zap ones mask with ultraviolet light before and after one washes their hands.

Let’s get to work and try to not let fighting Trump get in the way. It doesn’t have to be high tech. Masks should be delivered to the homeless or anyone having trouble getting them. Wholesome food delivered to those trying to self-isolate on pizza delivery and sugary drinks. Nursing homes are a disaster except the few where the staff isolated with the patients. If not totally isolating, staff and those attending to those at risk could be partially isolated with delivered supplies to themselves as well. Again I’ll mention survivor’s blood, there should be a national call for it, with chauffeured rides to blood banks for survivors; And as long as it is in short supply survivor’s might be allowed to designate part of each of their donations to a friend not in dire need to encourage more donations, or some other inducements.

We can do better if we don’t dwell on Trump. your social media marketing partner
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