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COVID-19, Dream of a Silver Lining

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Sunday, 22 March 2020 02:40

After every war there is a dream of the world getting together to solve its’ problems in a peaceful way, from the League of Nations then later the UN.  Today mass communications alert the world almost simultaneously and we can seek changes just as fast. Gary Davis tried to create a One Word Citizen movement even before World War II ended, Perhaps we can start to prepare for a better world even as the present disaster unfolds.

This coronavirus bad news like a world war. But it also has elements of good news in it. The young are spared. When it comes to contagious diseases in those parts of the world with extremely limited health care, people at risk such as with diabetes haven’t had the treatment they needed, so aren’t facing with a disaster now. Some people become cured very quickly and we are about to discover can work with the sick without as much protection.

The US will soon learn to approve drugs and procedures based on the world not just US sponsored studies. Trump praises an anti-Malaria drug, but the hardest hit part of Italy praises the Cuba sponsored drug, Interferon Alpha 2B, and the Cuban doctors who come to help out. Brazil is begging the Cuban doctors to return that it’s strongman, Bolsonaro had kicked out. We suddenly realize that when it comes to contagious healthcare, we all should get it, undocumented immigrants and the homeless included. Crowded prison is a poor way to treat those who misbehave so Iran is leading the world in releasing many of them.

Already jingoism around the world is being less proselytized. Let’s spread the dream now of the better world that might yet come. Perhaps doing so now will make it more likely.
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