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Rag'n Cajun Pronounces from Top of High Knob

Written by johnescher   
Wednesday, 11 March 2020 00:30

The United States badly needs single payer.  But as my former neighbor James Carville has explained, single payer (Medicare for all) was never electorally tenable. James lived a couple of hundred yards from me up through the woods on High Knob Mountain in Linden, Virginia. James explained the electorally untenable thing via MSNBC.

The explanation for me had to come that way since neither James nor I lived on High Knob any more.
James and his wife Mary invested a considerable amount of money in building a dream house there.  On weekends friends, nephews and other relatives would arrive.
The nephews especially liked to drive noisy ATV's (alternate terrain vehicles) along High Knob's labyrinth of calcium chloride hardened country roads.  But an especially nearby neighbor, a school bus driver, did not take kindly to the noise.  He offered to shoot the nephews, and James, unusually adept at calculating the odds of anything believed the man might do it.
So the Carvilles relocated down into the Shenandoah Valley, as did I, having had a three-year running conversation with an endlessly fascinating Hungarian intellectual, translator, and priestess of psychedelics living  40 minutes away in Toms Brook (no apostrophe).
From her house I moved to Budapest and so did she.  James meanwhile took a pro-actively dim view of all this as did my wife.
The school bus driver managed meanwhile to actually shoot a mountain resident in an argument over use of the mountain office's copy machine by the victim's wife.
Shot him in the belly and then beat the rap in court since the shooting occurred on the porch/deck of the school bus driver's own house.
Things did not work out well in Budapest either.  And undoubtedly all the people in this story would need the best health care possible (but the shooting victim did survive with a shortened bowel).
So now the average American family gets to pay $2,400 more per year in health care insurance thanks to the status quo assuring success of Joe Biden.
Supposedly, Donald Trump will now go down in defeat.  The rag'n Cajun has made shrewd calculation before. your social media marketing partner
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