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Silly Panic Coronavirus

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Wednesday, 04 March 2020 19:13

COVID-19 is similar to many types of the common cold, only 10 times more dangerous than most flue cases, not hundreds of times like the panic would suggest. Children who recently got a similar cold show minimum symptoms. Several adults on the Diamond Princess tested positive but showed no symptoms. Perhaps just giving an elderly adult a common cold, making sure they don’t catch COVID-19 in the next 3 or 4 weeks would inoculate them.

Originally in China health care professionals thought it came from being too close to chickens and thus took minimum caution to keep their contact with sick patients to the minimum and often got severely ill. Chickens roost or kept by their owners close together, making chickens much sicker than other animals who catch a similar flues. Perhaps these two details are related.

The Chinese Doctor, Dr. Li warned that the new virus was spreading not from animals to humans but between people, but forced to recant and later died, creating spontaneous local anger, so China panicked and spread the panic around the earth. Trump got any angry response to claiming COVID-19 could be stopped from the US and then reacted with much expenditure instead of a massive effort to produce lung machines and more hospital beds for the very sick. The touch of good news is that the US is likely to finally get guaranteed health care and paid sick leave at least when fever and cough is present. It’s assumed that Trump’s shallow economic bubble, built on deregulation, hype and smoke and mirrors, will pop after the election, stupid virus reaction may make the downturn happen before November instead.

Anyway I am over 70 and in Pennsylvania, still COVID-19 free. I wish I could get near a kid with a common cold, but less than 20% of common colds are caused by viruses similar to COVID-19. Let’s demand guaranteed health care for flue-like conditions in the US and other non-guaranteed health care countries.

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