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Understanding the Old and New Healthcare Program

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Friday, 30 June 2017 17:36

The American healthcare is a huge concern as it seems to be a huge mess. Although the United States is spending more per capita on health than any other nation in OECD, they are still failing to provide the best care in a lot of key areas like maternal healthcare in which it seems to be behind Turkey, Libya and Iran.

President Obama ran his campaign on a promise not just to repeal but also replace Obamacare. It was the flagship healthcare program which was designed so that the medical support of Americans is revolutionized. President Trump signed an executive order on his inauguration so that the process of unpicking of Obamacare could begin.

There are a lot of differences between Obamacare and Trumpcare. To decide whether the latter is better than the new one you should know the points that make them different.

Here are some key differences.

  • The Republicans say that Trumpcare is using the market instead of the government to provide healthcare. The individuals will be offered to buy the insurance based on a person’s age and income. The critics have pointed out that it will allow the Inland Revenue to write cheques so that they could pay individuals who are not paying the amount in tax. It will also mean that the wealthiest sector of the society is not qualified for the tax credits.
  • The Americans will have the opportunity almost to double the money that they can save on in the healthcare savings account. In Obamacare, there will limit placed on the amount that you can save. With the new policy, the people will not be forced to have insurance. It will also mean that the employers will not need to insure the workers as well.
  • The people that do not have insurance will not be fined under Trumpcare. In Obamacare, there was a fine for individuals that did not have insurance. Although Trunpcare has removed the taxes, it allows the insurance companies to charge a 30 percent premium. The premium is allowed if the cover elapses for sixty-three days or more.
  • The Trumpcare has given more freedom to the insurance companies as it is allowing them to set their prices. They can charge as much as they want. In Obamacare, there was a limit that was set at three times the actual price. There is also going to be a gradual roll back of the expansion of Medicaid which is a program that utilizes state and federal funds to support insurance for needy people.
  • There is going to be a cut in Planned Parenthood that receives federal funding to provide healthcare specifically to women such as contraception, abortions, cancer screenings, etc.

Apart from the differences, there are also several similarities.

  • There is coverage of young adults that are under the age of 26 on their parent’s plan.
  • The insurance coverage will also be offered to people who have previously diagnosed conditions.
  • The insurance companies are required to offer ten health benefits that include preventive services and maternity care.
  • The insurance companies are also not allowed to set a limit on how much they can pay to cover an individual.

There are no clear answers to how much the healthcare is going to cost. Just like Obamacare, the Trumpcare lacks transparency. your social media marketing partner

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