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Horrible Secrets of Slender Beauties

Written by MariaRSatter   
Tuesday, 22 November 2016 01:26

When people visit different forums or watch TV, they always see handsome men and pretty women. Not only celebrities but even supporting actors should have a perfect look. Fashion has a great influence on people. They start following its rules and recommendations and forget about more important things. Fathers want their sons to become world famous sportsmen and force them to go in for sport or to the gym. Crazy mothers try to make their daughters’ appearance second to none. They make them keep to various diets, dress the way they want, behave and speak in a different way and go in for different activities. Little girls feel exhausted. They are always under pressure and do everything possible to please their parents. Trying to keep fit, girls don’t realize that they are getting sick. Some of them turn into rebellious teenagers, but most of such victims start suffering from serious diseases. One of them is bulimia.

I’d never paid attention to it until a good friend of mine Elizabeth confessed that she had “some digestion disorder”. The most terrible thing was that nobody knew about her problem. Compared to anorexics, who resemble a skeleton, she looked good and healthy. El told about her disease only because she started having kidney problems, inflammation of the gums and irregular menstrual cycle. Nobody except her noticed the changes. So, we found a specialist in the private clinic. After doctor’s consultation, it turned out to be a bulimia.

Bulimia became a very serious problem of the 21st century. This disease cannot appear from anywhere. It is the result of unhappy childhood and fashion industry. First, people think that they have stress and don’t pay attention to the fact that their portions are too big sometimes. Then they realize that there are moments when they stop controlling themselves. They rush to the fridges, open them and eat almost everything they can find there. As a rule, such “meals” don’t bring pleasure. It resembles a wolf attack. When a beast in the pack is hungry, he eats quickly trying to take as much as possible because the others can steal its part. Bulimics often complain of having memory loss. They remember the hunger and the end of the bulimia attack. Only a few of them can recollect the process of guzzle. When such people see how much food they’ve eaten, they start feeling shame and guilt. That’s why the only way to get rid of it is to vomit. There are three main reasons why bulimics vomit.

  1. Their stomach cannot accept more food and “gives it back”.
  2. Bulimics are afraid of extra kilos they may get as the result of overeating.
  3. People feel disgusted to their own personality that makes them spew up.

After I had read more than 20 articles about this “abnormal appetite”, I asked my friend to start the medication. There was only one problem: we had to find out the reason of it. So, it was clear that she had to visit a psychologist first and only then a dietitian or gastroenterologist. Dr. Jack Smith, her psychologist, did several tests. It turned out that there were several reasons.

  1. Elizabeth’s mother was always dissatisfied with her look. She dreamed that her daughter would become a ballet dancer or an actress but not a teacher.
  2. All the members of her family and classmates were slim and she was not. El was disappointed with her look and always felt depressed.
  3. When Elizabeth felt unwell or exhausted she tried to return her good mood with the help of something tasty.

I was sorry for El. She didn’t deserve all that. I decided to support her. Dr. Jack Smith told us that the process of recovering would take much time because it had started many years ago. He gave us a list of things we had to do. First of all, we found a hobby club that could help her distract from her problems and relax. Then we did shopping and bought clothes which underlined her beauty. She also agreed to visit her personal psychologist once a week and follow all the recommendations. We also read a lot about that problem. We learned that bulimia is typical for models who want to enjoy their meals but are not allowed to put on weight. Different sites offered magical pills which could solve all our problems. When we told Dr. Smith about them, he laughed and said, “There is no medicine with immediate effect. A person should be cured mentally first. Pills can only be a part of treatment as a whole.”

Not to be cheated, we decided to learn more about our doctor. Dr. Jack Smith is one of the most sought after psychologist in Washington. At the beginning of his career, he worked at schools and colleges and helped teenagers it the period of puberty. Now he works in private clinics. He has written many articles devoted to weight problems on Solutions4WeightLoss.

Now Elizabeth feels better because she has realized that bulimia is a dangerous illness that is not to be neglected. She doesn’t give up and believes that one day she‘ll recover completely. your social media marketing partner

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