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Young Earth: Seven Millenia

Tuesday, 24 December 2019 05:17

The Heavens and Earth are only about seven thousand years old. Many disciplines hold millions and billions of years. During my high school years 1973, I became fascinated with the idea of gleaning the age of the world. Over the years, my focus was how to accomplish this feat. With advent of computerized bibles and my determination; i was able to complete this study in 1995. I own a copyright for this study and obtained a Doctor of Creation Studies Degree.

This earth and its heavens were created as a nursery. Jesus, the Creator tried to replace the fallen Angels with our fore parents. Lucifer, the mighty Angel had tried a coup in Heaven on several occasions. Finally, He and a third of the Angles were thrown out of Heaven. Jesus created sub Angels, who were to grow up to become Angels if successful in disobeying Lucifer. We all know the story that they failed making Lucifer (Satan) to win title of Non Son of God leader and representative of Earth.

However, I followed the genealogies of the Bible to discover the age of the world. I started with Adam and his son Seth and continued to where it became impossible to determine the ages. Matthew makes the genealogy of Jesus rather simple but it was not useful for this purpose. I switched to events and other circumstances including prophecies. This provided a number of 6,333 years. Heaven was not too old when Lucifer sinned. I guess under one year to the most 10 years.

It appears that Jesus repeated the Genesis account in another world. He created another world somewhere and commanded the new first parents not to be separated for any reason. Adam might have sinned if he were first approached by the serpent. They were expecting a bright shinny Angel to deceive them. He would have approached any one of them in their blind spot. Together, Adam and Eve would not have been persuaded. Each has strength or understanding in each other blind spot.

The time for evolution and speculations regarding the age of the world are mute. In our short experience look how evil the world has become. With those millions humans would have obliterate the world and ourselves. A young Earth makes more sense and puts human in the  high esteem we deserve. The Age of the Word and Heaven is about 7,000 years your social media marketing partner
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