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writing for godot

Is Sustainability Really Sustainable?

Written by Philip Kraske   
Saturday, 01 December 2018 01:53

Worrieth thou about what’s sustainable?

Me, I’m happy with what’s maintainable,

Like a bulb that lights up when I hit the switch,

And e-mail that arrives without any hitch,

But I look at the streets and watch the gas guzz’ed,

And wonder anew if this issue ain’t fuzzed.


Because like those streets are many more equal,

CO2 spewed in an infinite sequel,

And multiplied strongly by many a road;

The conclusion is clear that we’re making a toad,

And like toads all over that have never been kissed,

This one has grudges for it feels it’s been dissed.


I’d like to believe that this sustainable stuff

Is the stuff of the future and not so much fluff,

But I can’t sit in traffic jams and fully believe,

That it ain’t ourselves that we’ve come to deceive,

In thinking that all will be well down the road,

If we just get holy in car and abode.


Imagine a prez talking turk with constits:

“This is balls-up, folks, if we go and persist

Growing our econ’ and creating more jobs,

With ever more houses with doorbells and knobs,

We’ve got to go backwards, so to my chagrin,

The GDP drops, and today we begin.”


Thus have I doubts about sustainable D.,

And think but a space shield might possibly be

What makes some amends with our dear Mother Earth,

In cities and oceans from Paris to Perth,

Lest the old wisdom awaken much rue:

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